Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Veteran's quilts dilemma - need your feedback!

Last night at the meeting I offered to quilt as many veteran’s quilts as I can get done between now and the November meeting. Today I got started on some that I already have and decided to get some quilt backs washed and read to load on the longarm. That’s when I realized


I have enough to do 6 quilts and will use 3 of those on the quilts I brought home last night. So we need to do one of 2 things. Either I need to get backing with the tops ( the backings need to be 4: larger than the quilt on all 4 sides) OR I can order 2 more bolts of quilt backing.

I did some looking on line today and found a source for backing fabric at $8/yard and I think a bolt is usually about 15 - 18 yards. To get 2 more bolts of fabric would be about $180 + shipping so let’s just say $200.

1.5 yards of backing fabric is enough for 2 quilts so that works out to about $6/quilt. The backing that we bought in January has backed a LOT of quilts.

We are good on batting. I just opened the last roll and that should last us a while.

I believe we have about $600 in the treasury and will have membership money rolling in in January.

My recommendation is to order the backing fabric. It saves the members a lot of money on fabric for quilt backs so we can make more quilts.

I’m sorry I didn’t bring this up last night but I just didn't think to check the supplies before I came to the meeting. But I want to get a decision quickly so I can get on with quilting all of the tops you have ready. So would you please leave a comment on this post and let me know your thoughts.

If anyone has any other ideas please share them!


  1. It's fine with me. Aren't we going to revisit the amount of the annual dues in January?

  2. We've produced a lot of quilts with the supplies we purchased so I say we buy 2 more bolts of 110" wide fabric.

  3. That church donation we received will be put right to use. I vote to get the backing.

  4. I vote to get what we need.

  5. I agree with everyone else - go for it! We have all that money from the Acts of Kindness award and this is just what it was meant for.

  6. I vote to get the backing fabric needed.