Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Veteran's quilt-athon

Thanks to everyone who replied to my backing post. I found the backing at an even better price and ordered about 50 yards of backing fabrics for the same price that we got 33 yards in February! Most of what I ordered is white which is the least expensive option. Since I have leftover dyes every week that I pour down the drain I can now use those dyes to dye quilt backs for your veteran's quilts.

Here are 2 that I dyed recently. Most of them will be blues, greens, grays or browns because that's what I generally have leftover. 

If you missed the meeting last week you missed my offer to quilt any veteran's quilt tops that members have completed this month. I'll do as many as I can between now and the November meeting. 

I am quilting these very simply and quickly. If you have specific ideas for how you want yours quilted you will not want to bring it to me! Call me if you want to drop off a quilt top. I'll post here when quilts are ready to be picked up.

Here are the first few that I finished this weekend and delivered to the Friday and Saturday sewing groups.

This one was pieced by Karen from blocks from one of our block drives.

This one was pieced by Becky from one of the block drives. Peg is binding it.

This one is from Carolyn, also from one of the block drives.

These are from the mystery quilt. One was made by my Mom and one by Nancy. Thanks to Betsy for binding my Mom's quilt!

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