Thursday, October 22, 2015


4th Tuesday sewing days in
Oct, Nov and Dec
have been postponed, due to
everyone having busy holiday schedules.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

October Block of the Month

Our block for October is Country Lanes, suggested by Annie who was inspired by this blog.  It's an interesting block and works well with our Union Blues fabric to make quilts for veterans.
We will be making 10" blocks from
kits available at the October meeting.
                                     A - cut 2-1/2" squares (or strip piece, keep reading)
                                     B - cut 2-1/2" x 4-1/2"
      Stitch 1/4" seams with blue/brown/beige/gray thread

Country Lanes - Block Base #1829

10" blocks are easy to make because they can be sewn using 2-1/2" strips.
(Remember this block for future quilts if you like using Jelly Rolls)
I have cut 24 kits for each of you to make a block.
 Each kit contains 1 square for the center and 3 strips.
Sew the dark brown and blue strips together and press to the brown.  
Cut into 2-1/2" segments.

Arrange into 4-patches and sew.
Press seams to either side or press open.

Make four 4-patches
Check the size of your 4-patches before you start putting everything together.
They should measure 4-1/2"  

Cut light fabric strip into 4-1/2" pieces 

Arrange pieces, adding the blue square in the center.
 Sew into rows and sew rows together.
Follow example placing the brown to the center
Block should measure 10-1/2"
They will be set on-point with setting blocks and a border.
Please return your block at the next meeting.
Finished quilts could look something like this.
Note: For those making a "ROW by ROW" quilt,
adjust the size to what works best for you.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Miriam is collecting blocks from the program she did a few months ago showing us how to stitch crazy blocks on printed foundation fabric. So far 17 blocks have been turned in and we need 3 more to make a veteran quilt. She plans to set them with black sashing between the blocks. Won't it be striking? 

Please remember to turn your block in at our October meeting, or if you would like to make a block, we still have some printed foundation fabric. The theme is "bright colors" and feel free to embellish it with black thread if you want to play with some of those fancy stitches on your machine, you know, the ones you never use.

Close-ups of untrimmed blocks. Aren't they great?

Sunday, October 4, 2015


CSQ has been gifted with fabric to be used for making quilts for our veterans - lots of fabric!

The Moda fabric line is "UNION BLUES" by designer Barbara Brackman. The colors will make very nice quilts for our Veterans Quilt Project, which I'm calling V.Q.P. It's a lot of yardage - 35 pounds worth. Does anybody remember the formula for converting pounds to yardage? I'm guessing 70-100 yards! 

I see lots of sewing for V.Q.P.  -  maybe we can plan some 2-day workshops where we sew like crazy and perhaps we can get You-Know-Who to offer us an easy mystery quilt design.

I can see it being used for our block of the month (I'll make kits) and Karen and Julie are sure to come up with some good ideas for turning all this yardage into quilts!

Please bring your ideas (example or pattern) to the meetings and let's see how many quilts we can make from this donation! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

CSQ Upcoming program notes

The October Meeting is Tuesday, October 13 and the program is being presented by Marion Moody. She will be sharing her favorite quilting web sites. Bring your Shoo Fly blocks to turn in.

Future note: The November program will be Elsa Brooks and Estelle Porter sharing how to use neckties in quilts.

Julie and Karen do a great job of organizing our programs but they need our help too! Have you learned a new technique that you can share? Is there something that Please consider volunteering to provide a program. If each of use presented one program we could schedule about 3 years of programs!