Friday, January 29, 2016

More Show & Tell

I love Becky's idea of online show and tell.  Here's a quilt that I made for my nephew and his wife, to welcome their first baby.  They are pretty sure they are having a boy.  The baby shower is next weekend so I won't have this to bring to our February meeting.

The pattern is from a book called "Scrap-Basket Surprises" by Kim Brackett, and it was easy and quick. 

Vicki Johnson quilted it for me with a cute moon-and-stars pattern.  She did a great job and I had it back in less than a week.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Show & Tell

Civil War Bride quilt block by Becky. Block 14 of 20 is finished and I wanted to share it with you and thought perhaps we could start a Show & Tell here on our blog. It's easy to get started - just check with Vicki.

The blocks I've been making are from an adaptation of the "Bird of Paradise" quilt top (c.1858-1863) in the American Folk Art Museum. I'm using a pattern by Austrailian, Corliss Searcey who drafted the pattern after seeing a poster of the original quilt. Her pattern is called "Civil War Bride Quilt and is available at

"A Bountiful Life" is another pattern source, a book written by Karen Mowery.

The original quilt has inspired many to make their own versions of this unique quilt. The unknown maker lived near Poughkeepsie, NY.

"Made during the Civil War period, it is thought to be an unfinished marriage or wedding quilt. This idea is supported by the appliqued blocks that feature pairs of birds and animals and other symbols of union and fertility such as birds tending nests of eggs, flowers and fruits. A single female figure is appliqued onto one block, but the square next to her is nearly empty, save for the decorative leaves and flowers. Newspaper templates, including a template of a male figure, were found with this quilt top, suggesting that perhaps the reason the quilt was never finished, and the marriage it was intended to celebrate never took place. The quilt top also features depictions of famous nineteenth-century racehorses and of an elephant named Hanible, who had travelled throughout New York state during this time period with his trainer." (quote taken from the American Folk Art Museum website).

I am taking more and more liberties with each block I make. I have been sharing these at our monthly meetings over the past year, but thought I'd share the pattern source and my latest block with you here on-line. Throughout my quilt I have relied on hand-dyed fabric from Vicki Welsh to add a touch of brightness to the reproduction fabrics. The fabrics in the peacock are a good example of how her fabrics have enhanced these blocks. 
That's my show & tell - now show/tell us what you've been doing on these snowy days!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Westering Women BOM

Barbara Brackman's "Westering Women" Block of the Month starts today.  Hope you will pack up your scrap bag and join us on the trail as we learn more about the lives of women during the westward movement. A new block and history lesson will be offered the last Wednesday of each month.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Westering Women

Barbara Brackman's new Block of the Month starts tomorrow. I hope some of you will want to travel west with us along the Oregon Trail.

Here is the introduction:

And here's a peek at the first block.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Country Lanes

Yesterday it was 56 and today we have snow - not much, but it is beautiful. I added that arrow to show my daffodils which are up about 4-5" and full of buds. This weather must be very confusing to them. The snow seems to be picking up - bigger flakes and heavier!
A snowy day is a good day to bind quilts.
Our October block of the month was a pattern named Country Lanes, suggested by Annie - you can see it here. 
Annie also made a veteran quilt with Country Lanes which Vicki recently quilted along with several other quilts and posted pictures here on our blog.
Country Lanes is BlockBase 1829 and can be made any size. Annie's blocks are 7" and set on point with borders to make a veteran size quilt. Detail photo shows the swirly quilting design stitched with variegated gold thread. The quilt is finished, including a label and now I'm moving on to the next quilt that needs a binding.
Happy sewing!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January Block

The basic 4-patch offers so many good designs. Betsy had a book at November Saturday Sewing and a 4-patch quilt caught our eye(s) and several people started cutting fabric strips and squares to make up kits for our next Block of the Month. We skipped December and are offering this block at our January meeting. All blocks will be returned to make a quilt for a veteran. 

TWO SIMPLE BLOCKS go together to make an interesting design. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the quilt in Betsy's book.


The finished block is 12"

Each kit contains:
2 6-1/2" squares 
Strips for sewing (2) 4-patch blocks - the 4-patch blocks will measure 6-1/12"

Please return your block at our February Meeting.

Happy sewing!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Veterans Quilts

If you have more veterans quilts you can bring them to the Tuesday meeting. Here's a reminder of the requirements:

  • Size is approximately 48 x 60. Because of the way we load the quilts to save batting and backing fabric, we cannot do larger quilts. Quilts that are too large will be returned to you unquilted.
  • Quilts must be pressed and ready to quilt. We do not press quilts before quilting.
  • Please do not use any fragrance products. Vicki is very allergic and sometimes can't quilt a quilt because of scents. This includes Mary Ellen's Best Press.
Terry and I quilt them however the mood strikes us that day.
Here are 8 I finished in the past week. Many of these were picked up at Friday sewing and the others will be at the meeting Tuesday. Quilts 9 and 10 are on the frame now and there are at least 8 more waiting to be quilted. You all have been very productive!

Virginia Quilt Museum on The Quilt Show!

The Virginia Quilt Museum is featured on the latest episode of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims!
For VQM Members and Supporters only, the
FULL episode of The Quilt Show, featuring a field trip to the VQM, is now available without a subscription!

Simply click the icon below to view!

NOTE that the link is live ONLY for 7 days, January 10th - 17th.
After January 17th, viewing the episode will require a paid subscription

WHEAT Donation

I posted this on Facebook but forgot to add it here as well.  This is what we donated to WHEAT from our December meeting.

Dear Country School Quilters,
Thanks for your generous donation of staple foods, money and bathroom supplies that were collected at your December meeting. Your thoughtful gifts will be distributed to food insecure neighbors in Western Hanover County in January at WHEAT's twice monthly Open Pantry.
I inventoried the staple foods by the pound.
The results of my inventory is as follows:
191 pounds of food, a $15 check, a large container of body wash and 4 rolls of toilet paper.
Please accept our sincere thanks for all you do for us. We could not do what we do without lots of support.
In Sincere Gratitude,
Cathy Williams, WHEAT's Open Pantry Coordinator

Friday, January 8, 2016

Next Meeting, January 12

Our next meeting is coming up in a few days! Here are some tidbits in preparation:

The program is Stack and Slash quilts by Debbie Quitiquilt.

It's dues time! Carol will be collecting dues for 2016 so bring a check or cash for $15.

Please bring your blocks from November. If you have any block kits from November (or any other month) please bring them to the meeting.  There will be no public shaming. We just want to get all the kits back so we can finish up quilts.

See you Tuesday at 7 pm!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Return Blocks & Sewing Together

Our November BOM was a 4-Patch - Kits were passed out and the fabric may have varied from what you see here. 8 blocks are still out. Please return your block or give the kit back to me if you can't get to it. I know it's been a busy time of year! I hope to get this quilt (20 blocks) together A.S.A.P.

Hope to see lots of you at sewing Friday & Saturday
January 8 & 9 - 9 a.m. until whenever.
Happy Sewing in the New Year!