Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What a great "Trash and Treasure" sale!

Thanks to everyone who brought treasures for our sale this evening, and to all who shopped.  We made a total of $324.95!  Y'all are awesome!

OCTOBER Block of the Month

We can thank Nancy for our block this month. Her veteran quilt block was made from a Missouri Star Quilt Co. pattern they called Crosswalk.
Nancy's block
Spring Vol. 3, Issue 2 - Crosswalk Quilt, page 73
Our block will look like this:
Please note, I have changed the size to make a finished 12" block. Let's get ready to make this easy block in red/white/blue. The directions will be under each picture.
The cast of characters, keeping in mind to use patriot fabrics.
Use prints or solids, or a combination as in the sample block.
          2 - dark blue strips 21 x 2-1/2"
          2 - light blue strips 21 x 2-1/2"
          1 - red strip 21 x 2-1/2"
          4 - white 5" squares
To make strip sets:
          Sew the strips together, being mindful of 1/4" seams,  press seams,
          cut into 4-1/2" units. Fold each unit in half to mark the center of the red.
Cut each square on the diagonal - please disregard all the mess at the back of my table.

Mark the half-way point of the triangles - as shown in the close-up.
Sew triangles to strip-set, carefully matching up the center marks. Press to the white.
Repeat to make 4.

Trim to 6-1/2".  This is when a ruler with the 1/2" added comes in handy. Use the guides on your ruler to CENTER the ruler, then cut.

Arrange the 4 squares with white in the center and sew together.  Your finished block should measure 12-1/2". Isn't this a great block?  If offers so many possibilities with color placement. We may do it again, completely scrappy next time! 


Sunday, October 9, 2016

There was so much going on at Friday & Saturday sewing, including spreading out the stack of blocks I've been sharing here over the past couple of weeks. We had about 50 blocks, so we divided them by color - lights/darks, etc., and came up with an arrangement for each. 

Here's what we came up with:

The 12" blocks will make a nice 48 x 60" quilt by adding sashing and an outer border. We have some scraps, enough I think to make cornerstones, but other fabric will need to be added for the sashing and borders.

We have volunteers to put the first two quilts together. Who wants to put the last two together? I'll bring the blocks and cornerstone fabric to the meeting on Tuesday. They will make such nice quilts for our veterans.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Blocks for Veterans Quilts

This is the last group of 12" sampler blocks from our May meeting. Each person made a block of their choice and some people made more than one block. 12 blocks could be sashed and bordered to make our desired size of 48" x 60" quilts. We have enough blocks to make 4 quilts - do we have some volunteers to put them together? 

I tried to photograph every block, but I may have missed a couple. So, if you haven't seen your block(s) here on our blog,
 you WILL see them in the quilts.
Thanks for making our Veteran Quilt Project a success!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Oct & Nov Meetings


Oct 7 & 8 - Sewing days at our regular meeting place. 9 a.m. until late afternoon. Bring your lunch and your sewing and plan to have a good time! (We have ironing boards and a couple of irons, so you don't need to bring yours). There are also a couple cutting mats. The big tables are great for laying out a project or basting a quilt.

October meeting on Oct. 11.
Tuesday, Oct 11, is our Annual Trash to Treasure Silent Auction Sale!  It's a great time to do a little sorting in your sewing room and donate what you don't want. It can be anything - even a jar of homemade jam! All money goes into the CSQ fund for buying supplies (batting & backing fabric) for our Veteran Quilt Project. Show & Tell will follow our Silent Auction - bring lots to share!

November meeting is November 15.
While you're marking your calendar please note that our November meeting has been moved to the 3rd Tuesday, due to the election.

Happy sewing!