Friday, May 31, 2013

CSQ Membership Cards

Our new membership cards are ready and will be available at Friday/Saturday Sewing on June 7-8.

You can also get yours on June 11, the night of our regular meeting which will be held at Sew Refreshing, where showing the card will get you a 10% discount.

Sew Refreshing, 7225 Bell Creek Rd., Mechanicsville, VA 23111 (it's near Panera Bread).

I updated our current logo and used it on the card.

Happy sewing on this fine sunny day!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

It was a beautiful day to be outside and Hanover wayside Park is a beautiful setting for the Hanover Veteran's Memorial. Karen, Kitty, Betsy, Nancy, Cathy, Becky, Carolyn and Vicki attended the service today. It was a wonderful honor to be asked to be a part of the service.

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling was the guest speaker and there was a large crowd in attendance. Here's a slideshow of the photos or you can view them in Flickr here.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reminder - Memorial Day Service at Hanover Wayside

Country School Quilters members have been invited to participate in the Memorial Day Service at Hanover Wayside Park. All members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Hanover Wayside Park is at 8225 Hanover Wayside Road
Here's a link to the park on Google Maps for directions.

We have been asked to be there by 9:20. See you there!

Commitment to Community Award

Our own COUNTRY SCHOOL QUILTERS member, Cathy and her husband, Ron, have been recognized for their service to others in Hanover County, VA.  Thank you Cathy and Ron for all you give to our wonderful community!
Ron and Cathy Williams of Williams Bakery received the "Commitment to Community" award. Twice each month, Williams Bakery donates enough bread, cookies and pastries to the WHEAT food pantry to serve up to 100 families per month. This assistance alone serves over 3,600 individuals each year. Thanks Ron and Cathy for helping to feed the residents of Hanover County for decades now.

 Ron and Kathy Williams of Williams Bakery received the "Commitment to Community" award. Twice each month, Williams Bakery donates enough bread, cookies and pastries to the WHEAT food pantry to serve up to 100 families per month. This assistance alone serves over 3,600 individuals each year. Thanks Ron and Kathy for helping to feed the residents of Hanover County for decades now.

Monday, May 20, 2013

FYI - Schedule for the June Friday and Saturday Sewing

The next Friday/Saturday( sit & stitch,sew & share, what shall we call it?) is
Friday,June7 & Saturday June 8.Mark your calenders!

Veteran's Mystery Quilt - Clue 1

I'm so excited to get the mystery quilt project started. Having never done one before I'm also a little afraid you will hate it. But let's get started and see how it goes!

This mystery quilt will have 6 clues, 1 each month through October. The October clue will be instructions for border to make the quilt large enough to be  Quilt of Valor. A veteran’s quilt only needs Clues 1 – 5.
Let’s get started!

Fabric Requirements:

The quilt uses 4 colors and the clues will use a patriotic palette.
For the veteran’s quilt (and center of a QOV):
Fabric  1 (red):  1 ¼ yards
Fabric 2 (Dark blue): 1 ¾ yard PLUS ½ yard for binding
Fabric 3 (Light blue): ½ yard
Fabric 4 (white): 1 ¾ yard

For the QOV version you will need these additional fabrics:
Border1: (recommend fabric 2): 5/8 yard
Border 2: (a coordinating print or fabric 1 or fabric 2): 1 ½ yard
Border 3: (fabric 2 or 3) and binding: 1 ¾ yards

For my Veteran’s version I am using these fabrics:

Fabric 1: dark red
Fabric 2: dark blue
Fabric 3: medium blue
Fabric 4: tan

For my QOV version I am using these fabrics:

Fabric 1: light gold
Fabric 2: print
Fabric 3: black
Fabric 4: beige

All of the blocks for the quilt finish to 8”
For the first clue we are making 8 blocks.

Fabric 4: cut 32 4 ½” squares
Fabric 1: cut 42 2 ½” squares
Fabric 2: cut 22 2 ½” squares

Make the Units:
Each block is made of 4 units. Each unit uses 1 -  4 ½” square and 2 – 2 1/2” squares

You will make 10 units like this:

16 units like this:

6 units like this:

To make this block position a square over opposite corners and draw the stitching line diagonally across the little square.

Stitch on the line and cut away the corner. I got the most accurate result when I stitched just to the outside of the drawn line (toward the corner).

I pressed all of my seams for this quilt open.

 Here are the units for both of my quilts.

Make the blocks:

Using these units make 2 blocks like this paying close attention to the orientation of the colors.

Make 6 blocks like this:

I pressed all of my seams open for all blocks in the quilt.

The blocks for my two quilts look like this:


You are done with clue 1. Here’s a hint for Clue 2: prepare to make a lot of half square triangle blocks! If you like to construct HST blocks using foundation papers you will need foundations for 2” finished size blocks.

If you have any questions please post them here on the blog and I will answer here for everyone to read.

I’ve set up a Flickr Group on the CSQ page so please share a photo of your finished blocks here:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 2013 Meeting Photos

If you missed the May meeting you missed a great time. Miriam Ahladas did a fun program on using the inn-spire plus stabilizer product.

The most important discussion was around the quilt show. Estelle and Elsa will have a form to complete for the quilts that you want to submit to the show. There will be a separate post on that topic.

Here's a slideshow of show and tell.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Virginia Quilt Museum Silent Auction

Elsa talked about the VQM Silen Auction a bit in the meeting last night (and it was one of the best meetings ever). Here's more info directly from the museum director:

We are very excited to announce that our 2013 "Little Quilts, Big Talents" silent auctions are up and running.  If you love quilting yourself or are an appreciator of fine quilting, then don't miss your chance to add a beautiful little quilt to your collection.  These stunning little quilts also make terrific gifts for any quilt lover.  We are delighted to have excellent quilts from many different quilters, such as Patricia Koczur, Eileen Doughty, Sandra Fraenkel, and Estelle Porter, just to name a few.  Additionally, when you win your little quilt take special pride in the fact you are helping us continue bringing the love of quilting to others.  The Museum is working hard to create more interactive exhibits and expand our education program.  We hope that you will help us by participating and spreading the word about our benefit auctions.
We actually have two benefit auctions going right now!

  • Silent Auction at the Virginia Quilt Museum.  Please click here to see the lovely little darlings that are available at the Museum.  The in-house auction will be ongoing until July 31, 2013.
  • The first of our Online Only silent auctions is going on right now and even though you still have 10 days left to win your newest quilt act fast before your next favorite quilt slips through your eye of your quilting needle and is gone forever.  This exciting and fast-paced benefit auction will run through Friday, May 24.  Please visit the Little Quilts, Big Talents 2013 website to see and bid on all the awesome little quilts and feel free to share the link with your family, friends, and online community.

We appreciate your support!  It is because of you that we can accomplish our mission of celebrating and nurturing Virginia's quilting heritage. Thank you for being a supporter of the Virginia Quilt Museum. 

Happy quilting,
Meegan Carr
Executive Director

"Little Quilts, Big Talents"

A Silent Auction for the Benefit of the Virginia Quilt Museum.

New Virginia Quilt Museum Logo                                   
Online Silent Auction #1
May 10 - May 24, 2013
Click Here  to register or bid.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Veteran's Mystery Quilt is coming!

This is just a reminder that the veteran's mystery quilt project will start on May 20th. You can get all of the information on fabric requirements here. I've had a couple of questions about fabric choices so I thought I'd share them here:

  • The one type of fabric that probably will not work well are large scale prints
  • There needs to be some value contrast between fabrics 1 and 3 (like a medium and dark). It doesn't need to be a strong contrast, just some contrast.
  • Fabric 3 is seen primarily next to fabric 2. It can be lighter or darker and only needs to be a shade different but it can be almost anything. 
  • If you are going scrappy I think you will be happiest with small scale prints or tonals.
I hope that helps! If you want to bring your fabric choices to the meeting Tuesday we can look at them and make sure they will work well for your quilt.

Check the blog on May 20 for the first clue!

Saturday Sewing

We had beautiful weather and another fun day sewing. Karen, Georgie and Sandy joined Estelle, Becky, Nancy and me.

Karen sat down to do binding and barely moved until the quilt was finished.

This is the quilt she finished that will be a veteran's quilt. We liked it so much that we are going to make it one of our monthly group blocks.

Nancy finished another block of her Christmas applique quilt.

Nancy also brought in this little quilt that she's going to donate to the Virginia Quilt Museum.

Georgie worked on a flannel veteran's quilt. She's using the snowball and 9-patch block pattern that we used for our April group block.

Becky worked on preparing backgrounds for her next applique project. Estelle finished the binding on the anniversary quilt and I only got one more color added to my guest room quilt. 

Hope to see you at the meeting Tuesday!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sewing Friday

We had a small group today but still had a lot of fun. Elsa and Karen visited for a few minutes but Becky, Nancy, Betsy, Carolyn, Estelle and I hung around for most of the day and got lots accomplished. There's always a bit of show and tell involved.

Betsy brought this quilt top that she finished. She's been working on this beauty for a few months. Using Triangles on a Roll made it perfect.

Carolyn really enjoyed the blocks from last month's meeting and went home and made this quilt top and started another. She even pieced the back.

Becky finished this veteran's quilt.
The we got to work!

Betsy is working on a hexagon quilt.

Carolyn brought a HUGE stash of novelty fabrics and is planning our block project for June.

Estelle is putting the binding on this signature quilt from her son's wedding. She's planning to give it for their first anniversary.

Nancy is working on a cute Christmas applique quilt. There's a lot of zig zag stitching involved.

I started a quilt for my guest bed. I had a hard time getting the concept in my head so didn't get a lot done. I'm hoping for more progress tomorrow.

It's always fun! Are you going to join us?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Batting and Backing for veteran's quilts

I will be at Sewing Friday and Saturday and the meeting next week. I'll restock the standard batting and backings in the supply cabinet but if anyone needs a special size please email me or leave a comment here. I can bring whatever you need Friday.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hanover Veterans Memorial

Karen and I went to Millstone Quilts yesterday to enjoy the lovely outdoor quilt show and sale they have each May. We saw some wonderful quilts and got more ideas for Veteran's quilts, as well as seeing a spectacular Dear Jane Quilt. It was a wonderful time shopping and seeing some friends we hadn't seen in a while.

Millstone Quilts
Karen and I then went on a side trip to see the Veterans Memorial at Hanover Wayside Park. We were overwhelmed with the very impressive memorial to all who have served and died from Hanover County to ensure our freedom. Standing at the memorial made us feel even more honored that the Hanover Veterans Memorial Committee asked Country School Quilters to participate in the wreath laying ceremony on May 27, Memorial Day. The ceremony will be at 9:30 and I don't think it will be long. Just a wonderful opportunity for all of us to show our respect. Speaking of respect, two classmate/friends of Karen have their names carved into the stone on the Vietnam marker - a tearful reminder of the cost of our freedom. Reserved seating available for CSQ - please let Karen know by May 7 if you are attending.
My pictures don't do justice to show you what a special place this is.