Friday, May 10, 2013

Sewing Friday

We had a small group today but still had a lot of fun. Elsa and Karen visited for a few minutes but Becky, Nancy, Betsy, Carolyn, Estelle and I hung around for most of the day and got lots accomplished. There's always a bit of show and tell involved.

Betsy brought this quilt top that she finished. She's been working on this beauty for a few months. Using Triangles on a Roll made it perfect.

Carolyn really enjoyed the blocks from last month's meeting and went home and made this quilt top and started another. She even pieced the back.

Becky finished this veteran's quilt.
The we got to work!

Betsy is working on a hexagon quilt.

Carolyn brought a HUGE stash of novelty fabrics and is planning our block project for June.

Estelle is putting the binding on this signature quilt from her son's wedding. She's planning to give it for their first anniversary.

Nancy is working on a cute Christmas applique quilt. There's a lot of zig zag stitching involved.

I started a quilt for my guest bed. I had a hard time getting the concept in my head so didn't get a lot done. I'm hoping for more progress tomorrow.

It's always fun! Are you going to join us?

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  1. We missed those that didn't come today. Hope to
    see you tomorrow.