Monday, May 20, 2013

Veteran's Mystery Quilt - Clue 1

I'm so excited to get the mystery quilt project started. Having never done one before I'm also a little afraid you will hate it. But let's get started and see how it goes!

This mystery quilt will have 6 clues, 1 each month through October. The October clue will be instructions for border to make the quilt large enough to be  Quilt of Valor. A veteran’s quilt only needs Clues 1 – 5.
Let’s get started!

Fabric Requirements:

The quilt uses 4 colors and the clues will use a patriotic palette.
For the veteran’s quilt (and center of a QOV):
Fabric  1 (red):  1 ¼ yards
Fabric 2 (Dark blue): 1 ¾ yard PLUS ½ yard for binding
Fabric 3 (Light blue): ½ yard
Fabric 4 (white): 1 ¾ yard

For the QOV version you will need these additional fabrics:
Border1: (recommend fabric 2): 5/8 yard
Border 2: (a coordinating print or fabric 1 or fabric 2): 1 ½ yard
Border 3: (fabric 2 or 3) and binding: 1 ¾ yards

For my Veteran’s version I am using these fabrics:

Fabric 1: dark red
Fabric 2: dark blue
Fabric 3: medium blue
Fabric 4: tan

For my QOV version I am using these fabrics:

Fabric 1: light gold
Fabric 2: print
Fabric 3: black
Fabric 4: beige

All of the blocks for the quilt finish to 8”
For the first clue we are making 8 blocks.

Fabric 4: cut 32 4 ½” squares
Fabric 1: cut 42 2 ½” squares
Fabric 2: cut 22 2 ½” squares

Make the Units:
Each block is made of 4 units. Each unit uses 1 -  4 ½” square and 2 – 2 1/2” squares

You will make 10 units like this:

16 units like this:

6 units like this:

To make this block position a square over opposite corners and draw the stitching line diagonally across the little square.

Stitch on the line and cut away the corner. I got the most accurate result when I stitched just to the outside of the drawn line (toward the corner).

I pressed all of my seams for this quilt open.

 Here are the units for both of my quilts.

Make the blocks:

Using these units make 2 blocks like this paying close attention to the orientation of the colors.

Make 6 blocks like this:

I pressed all of my seams open for all blocks in the quilt.

The blocks for my two quilts look like this:


You are done with clue 1. Here’s a hint for Clue 2: prepare to make a lot of half square triangle blocks! If you like to construct HST blocks using foundation papers you will need foundations for 2” finished size blocks.

If you have any questions please post them here on the blog and I will answer here for everyone to read.

I’ve set up a Flickr Group on the CSQ page so please share a photo of your finished blocks here:


  1. This is going to be FUN!
    Thanks Vicki.

  2. Vicki asked me to be her "test sewer" which means I'm testing her directions. Rest assured, that you will NOT hate (Vicki's word) this mystery but will enjoy it as I have. I have done the sewing of Clue 1 and Clue 2, and Vicki's directions are spot-on accurate in every detail. Her suggestion of pressing all seams open is a good one, because it makes sewing the units together very easy and accurate. I don't have the final design, so it's a mystery to me too, and I totally trust Vicki to lead us through a mystery that will produce a very attractive quilt.

    Happy sewing on clue #1. I need to take pictures and post them on our CSQ Flickr group.

    Thanks, Vicki, for all you do for us!

    1. Thank you for testing the instructions to make sure the errors are removed from the start. I hope everyone has fun with it.

  3. Thanks so much Vicki and Becky! I can hardly wait to get home from work and start on this! Think I will make extra HST's from the corner units being cut off on this step.

    With excitement from scenic Vashon Island! Annie

    1. The cut-off corners will make a nice bunch of HST's for another little project - mine are waiting, I just haven't sewn them yet - I CAN'T throw them in the trash. Just what I need - an extra project. ;-)

  4. My HST went in the trash. Should I dig them out for you.

  5. I bought fabric today for my QOV quilt top and am looking forward to making it. I love mystery quilts!! Thanks for putting this together. Barbara from Southern California