Thursday, July 2, 2015

Now accepting veteran's quilt tops!

I'm going to start taking veteran's quilt tops again. I set a goal of quilting 40 this year. 20 are done and I have 2 tops at home so that means that I'll take up to 18 tops.

Based on what I've heard I think we have a lot more than 18 tops to be quilted. At the last meeting we agreed on a priority ranking. First, all tops made from monthly blocks (up to 18) will be quilted. The remaining slots will be filled in with member's tops allowing "turns" so that hopefully everyone will get at least one top quilted. So I want to use this post to determine which quilts I will take in July.

If you have any quilts to be quilted please leave a message on this post and tell me how many veteran's tops you have to be quilted and how many of them are made from the monthly blocks. After we get a tally I'll let you know which ones to bring to me at the July meeting.

Monday, June 29, 2015

July Sewing

Our July Sewing days are July 10 & 11. I know this is a busy time of year for many people, including those going on vacation. There was some talk about cancelling sewing this month, but let's see how much interest there is. Please leave a comment if you are planning to come! 

Dot Holloway is home after being in the hospital and Sheltering Arms Rehab for nearly two months. She is a founding member of Country School Quilters whose birthday is July 4th! Her address, if you'd like to send her a birthday card:
17065 Huckleberry Hill Lane, Montpelier, VA 23192

Our July 14 meeting will be our annual summer pot luck dinner. Please note our meeting time will be 6:30. Please bring a covered dish and your appetite.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Quilts for Veterans Delivered

Susan Ryan posted the following on facebook today: 

Delivered 21 quilts this morning to the dialysis unit and outpatient chemo clinic at McGuire VA Hospital. Made some very nice veterans happy.
Susan Ryan's photo.

Thank you, Susan, for delivering all the quilts. There will be more at the end of the year!

(Susan is a CSQ member and retired O.R. nurse from McGuire VA Hospital)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Veteran Quilt Display at Montpelier Center

Please bring all veteran's quilts to the meeting Tuesday night. There were several quilts that needed a binding, and we are ready to hang them at The Montpelier Center.  The plan is to hang 3 quilts and we will change them every 3 months. This is a great way for us to share with the community!   Thank you and see you Tuesday. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015


REMINDER: Our June meeting will be June 16, (due to the election in our building on June 9.) 


June sewing will be our regular 2nd Friday & Saturday of the month - June 12 & 13.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Free Quilt Patterns

The other day I was thinking about how many free quilt patterns that there are on the web. Then I set out to make a list of as many sites as I could find and share them here. There are more than what's on this list but these are the ones that I think have the best designs.

Riley Blake Designs has tons of patterns. Most are simple with one block repeats and simple borders but there are a few really unique ones. Cinema is one that's interesting and, I think, could be changed to make it veteran's size.

Jinny Beyer has several free patterns and they are more complex than most free patterns. There are even a few bargello designs.

In The Beginning fabrics has lots of patterns and there is a lot of variety in designs. You are bound to like something on their page.

Blank Quilting has a couple dozen free patterns.

Pat Sloan has a bunch of patterns and Traffic Jam would be great for scraps.

Andover Fabrics has TONS of patterns. Sherwood is one that could be a veteran's quilt by eliminating the outer border and making the middle border a little wider.

Hoffman Fabrics has a decent collection of free patterns.

Robert Kaufman has pages and pages of free patterns! has 5 pages of patterns.

Michael Miller has a lot of "modern" quilt patterns.

Clothworks has about 100 free quilt and project patterns.

Fabri-Quilt has a nice variety of patterns.

Windham Fabrics as 33 pages of patterns!

Timeless Treasures has 19 pages of patterns.

Of course Bonnie Hunter has THE best collection of scrap quilt patterns.

There's a Pinterest Board for free patterns and there's even a Facebook page for free patterns!

If you are looking for a new pattern maybe one of these sites will have something you like. If you have a site that I don't have listed here leave a link in the comments.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


The post I made yesterday was about our MAY meeting - I have changed the post to say May, not June.