Friday, April 18, 2014

Sewing day

Don't forget, Tues. April 22 is Sewing day, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at our regular meeting place.

Bring a project, come anytime, stay as long as you want.

The infamous fish quilt at the library

At the last meeting Estelle told us about the fish quilt hanging in the Ashland Library. She stopped by to get this photo so we can all see how perfect it is for their space.

For new members, here's the back story:

MANY years ago (about 12 - 14) we had a series of programs on methods of applique. It was coordinated by then-member Joyce Hartley (owner of Quilting Adventures). We had 3 programs to learn 3 different hand applique methods. We were give some background pieces and fish applique shapes so we could practice on our own. I don't remember the other 2 teachers for sure but I think Dot Holloway was one of them. We turned in the blocks and someone pieced this top.

I (Vicki) had just gotten the very first Handiquilter frame and volunteered to quilt it. I actually quilted about a third of it and hated it. I took out all of the stitching and realized that I was overwhelmed by the project. I felt it needed custom quilting and I wasn't capable of doing it.

So it sat. For years.

Every time someone asked about it (which wasn't very often) I volunteered to give them the quilt to quilt but now one would take me up on it.

Finally last summer I decided to put it on the frame and finish it. I quilted the devil out of it and had fun doing it. I wrote about it and have several photos of the quilting here. What a relief it was to have that one done! Becky put on the binding and Estelle added the sleeve and found it's ultimate home in the library. We hear that the library staff is thrilled to have it. You can see from the colors on the room that it's a perfect fit.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 Veteran's Quilts, 5 & 6

In the meeting last week we had a guest from the Ashland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (ANRC). Karen had met Bonnie Sikes, the administrator, several months ago and they were interested in seeing if we would "adopt" the veterans in their center for our veteran's quilt project. One of the staff members came to our meeting last week to tell us about their veterans.

ANRC has veterans referred to them from McGuire Medical Center where we have been donating our quilts. ANRC has 15 beds earmarked for veterans. About half of their patients are long-term and half are there for an average of 45 days for rehab. She estimated that they may have a total of 50 veterans each year. Coincidentally that's about how many quilts we make in a year!

ANRC also invited us to visit the veterans any time. Many of them have no family or visitors.

After discussion we voted and unanimously decided to switch our support to ANRC. There are several benefits to doing this including focusing our efforts in our local community. We would also be able to deliver quilts throughout the year. At McGuire we are only allowed to deliver once a year near Christmas and there were some issues with the process last year. Moving our support to ANRC seems to solve any problems that we had.

We will also have more flexibility on size. We can make quilts as small as 48 x 48 and probably as large as 50ish x 65ish.

At the next meeting we will discuss how we want to schedule and do our deliveries.

Meanwhile here are 2 more quilts quilted for the cause. As you are planning other quilts please keep in mind that the optimal sizes for me to quilt for you are no larger than 50" wide and no longer than 65". If you make something larger than that I can give you backing and batting for your quilt.

This one was made by Carol.

This one was made from monthly block drive blocks.

In case you are wondering how I pick which quilts to quilt, it's simple. I use wide backing fabric and can quilt 2 quilts on one backing. In this specific case the block drive quilt was larger than normal so it had to be paired up with a quilt that was smaller than normal. After I pair them I quilt whichever quilts go with the backings I have at hand. Simple.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Prayer Flags due in one week!

Just a friendly reminder that the prayer flags for our 2 projects are due to Vicki in one week. Make as many as you want - the more the better! They can be very simple or heavily embellished. Have fun with them. If you have any questions just post a comment here.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

9-Patch Star Blocks

Our March CSQ block of the month was a 9-patch star. Thanks to everyone for making blocks and bringing them to our meeting last Tuesday. We had enough blocks to make TWO quilts!  Vicki has kindly offered to quilt them and they will be added to the quilts made for veterans. 


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Award Ceremony

CSQ has been nominated for Hanover's 2014  Spirit of Volunteerism Awards in the Spirit of Team category.
As a nominee our members and their families are invited to attend the award ceremony as special guests.
The event is May 6, at Hanover High School located at 10307 Chamberlayne Rd. (301) in Mechanicsville.  We must arrive between 6:30 and 6:45 p.m.
This event is hosted by the Hanover Board of Supervisors and Hanover Dept. of Community Resources, will include musical entertainment & refreshments catered by Hanover public schools and Culinary Art students from Hanover Center for Trades and Technology.
It is quite an honor to be nominated so I good turn-out of our members would be wonderful
Please call or e-mail me (Karen) by Thurs. 4/10 by 9 p.m.  The names of members & number of guests must be turned in by Friday 4/11.
If you did not sign up Tues. night please do so today.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Prayer Flag resources

Our program Tuesday night was about 2 projects:

The first was to make coasters to give out at our blood drive in May. The coaster can be bade using any technique but should have a heart theme. Bring them to the May meeting to give to Carolyn Mills.

Here are some coaster tutorials. Several will lend themselves well to heart themes.

The second project is prayer flags for 2 of our members. These are due to Vicki by April 22. Vicki will assemble them and deliver them. Here are some links for inspiration:

Pinterest ideas
The Prayer Flag Project

To make our flags cut the base fabric about 9" long and 5 - 7" wide......more or less. The top edge will be folded down 1 inch when I sew it to the twill tape for hanging. Don't stitch in a sleeve. You can mail them to me or drop them by the house. Leave a comment here if you need Vicki's address or more info about the themes of the projects. I'll send you an email with the information.

I've got 36 yards of twill tape for 2 prayer flag banners, let's fill them up!