Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Veteran's Quilt

At the last meeting we discussed the veterans quilts and, I believe, we have found the perfect home for our quilts. We have been asked to adopt an outpatient unit at McGuire. They have many dialysis and chemo patients that do not get the attention of the admitted patients. These patients also get cold during their treatments. The hospital will label the quilts and keep them at the hospital for them to use on every visit. When their treatments are done the patients will get to take the quilts home with them.

We can deliver the quilts at any time and the hospital will take care of distributing them to the patients. We can deliver multiple times a year so that we do not have to store all of the quilts for a year.

To prepare for the first delivery we would like to have all of the completed and labeled quilts brought to the October meeting. We should have 30 or more quilts ready already just based on the ones that I've quilted. What a prolific group!

For inspiration here are more of the ones that I quilted in the last month. These are all out for binding.

Carol's Lemon Flavored Yellow Summer Squash Bread Recipe

Carol treated us to a wonderful bread at the last meeting. Several people asked begged for the recipe and Carol has obliged!

Time to get to the kitchen....

Get the recipe at Creative Culinary.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sewing on Friday and Saturday

Lots of activity on Friday and Saturday - the pictures say it all starting with this (3/4") hexagon.

Nancy was busy cutting pieces for her hexagon quilt. She's making "Handful of Scraps" a new Block of the Month by Edyta Sitar. Julie's making it, too - it will be fun to watch their progress.


Betsy was finishing up piecing on the above quilts. The one at the top needs one more row and then it will go to the quilter's to be finished for Betsy's daughter Julia.

Vicki came by for a short visit and gave Betsy her veteran quilt - it's ready for a binding. Sorry there is a clock poking out of the top corner of the picture!

Betsy is making "Peace & Unity" - a block of the month quilt.
Estelle was busy binding veteran quilts.

Estelle finished the binding on this quilt for a veteran.
This is the second quilt she's completed from these donated triangles/squares.
Dot brought her knitting - her she's working on a scarf.
She has made dozens of hats and mittens ready to donate through her church for those in need.

Helen made use of the large tables to cut out fleece dresses for a little girl.
Julie pin basted a veteran quilt and asked for opinions about thread color
for machine quilting. I believe we all agreed about orange!
Julie added the finishing touch to this veteran quilt (notice the fish lure fabric) with a decorative binding stitch. She used the perfect multi-color thread and decorative stitch (see below)
Just back from "A Needle Runs Through it" - Julie's beautiful kingsize quilt with wool batting.
This binding will take some time, especially if she does a fancy stitch on it.
Terri and Carole were busy basting quilts (see below) - top one for Alex (name at top)
The center one is Terri's (yea, she made it for herself)
The bottom quilt is a veteran quilt made from Bingo blocks.

What a surprise when Terri pulled this string of pieces out of her box. 
Terri loves tiny little pieces!
A box full of little scraps turns into these little beauties!

 Our next sewing day is Tuesday, Sept. 23 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Sewing days are a good time to visit and get to know each other and share ideas, etc.
You can bring your lunch, or go to nearby Subway or Domino's.
It's a great way to spend the day!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Veterans quilts #14 - 21

You all were very busy piecing tops for veterans this summer! I have quite a pile here to get quilted. I hope to get through all of these by the September meeting. I'll take any other that you have in September and that will be the last that I will take for this year. I'm going to quilt as many as I can before my new longarm arrives but after that I'll be working only on my own quilts until early in 2015.

Here are the ones I've finished since the last meeting. These bring the tally to 21 for the year. You will see 4 homespun quilts. Those were pieced by a blog friend and they need volunteers to bind them. Patty did include the binding with the quilt tops.

If you want to pick up a quilt before the September meeting just give me a call or and email.

Enjoy the show! #22 is loaded and ready for quilting.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Upcoming Quilt Shows

There are 2 quilts shows coming up in our areas soon:

 The 2014 Richmond Quilt Show
Saturday though Sunday, September 20 & 21, 2014
Saturday, 10 to 6, Sunday 11 to 5
Commonwealth Building at the Richmond International Raceway
$7 adults
$3 children 16 and under
$5 group tickets (five or more) in advance through rqgshow@gmail.com

Orange County Quilt Show
October 4, 10 - 5
October 5, 11 - 4
Prospect Heights Middle School
Admission: $5

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quilt label products

I need a recommendation for products to make quilt labels.  I know we had a program on this several years ago, but I can't find my notes.

I have several quilts that will be going to people I don't know, and I'd like to include labels with washing instructions.  It would be much easier to create the labels on my computer rather than writing them out by hand.  I'm looking for information on products that you've tried and liked, and also information on products to avoid.  I want something I can use with an inkjet printer. 


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Member Survey - Scheduling a visit to the Valentine Richmond History Center

At the meeting last night Karen passed on some information about the possibility for us to visit the Valentine Richmond History Center. She has mentioned this in a couple of past meetings. The VRHC has an extensive textiles collection that includes about 200 quilts. She talked to them about the possibility of us getting a private viewing of the quilt collection. It would also include a tour of the house and galleries. We would schedule it sometime on the fall, maybe late October or November.

We can schedule a private tour of the house and collection but it requires 20 people minimum at $20 each ($400 paid in advance). Marian Moody and I (Vicki) have both been on such tours at the museum and both feel that $20 is a very small price to pay for the experience.

Before we schedule anything we need to survey the members to see if you are interested So please reply to this blog post answering 2 questions.

1) Do you want to go on the tour and willing to pay $20 to do it?

2) If the answer to #1 is yes, do you care/prefer if the tour is schedule for a weekday or Saturday? The tour will happen during the day. It's probably easier to schedule a week day but that may impact some members ability to attend.

Please let us know what you think.