Friday, March 25, 2016

Sewing supplies for Guatemala

From Carol Clark:

A gentleman in my church asked if I knew anyone who could help with sewing supplies for his summer mission trip to Guatemala.  Do I ever...

He has been helping with ladies that have recently had their vision corrected.  They want to make craft articles to sell to help support their families.  They need thread, needles, pins, small scissors, rotary cutters.  

I wanted to ask for your help during the next 2 months to help meet this need.  Doesn't have to be "top of the line" supplies.  They have nothing right now and what ever we supply will be greatly appreciated.


If you'd like to donate, please bring the supplies to Carol at our April or May meeting.  Contact Carol with any questions.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Modern Day Soldiers' Aid Society

Barbara Brackman has been reading our blog and today her Civil War blog features Country School Quilters!

Here is the link:

Barbara's Union Blues fabric is perfect for the quilts we make for veterans at the V.A. Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. Thank you, Barbara for all you do to support good causes!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

18 More Quilts for Veterans

18 more quilts made for veterans are ready to be delivered!

Notice the quilt draped behind the 2 stacks of quilts. Isn't it a beauty? Betsy pieced it from her extensive collection of reproduction fabrics leftover from some of her recent projects. In this 45" x 57" quilt 3" hour-glass blocks are framed by a wider blue (Moda Union Blues). Machine quilted by Vicki in a meandering leaf design. Having said all that, at our March meeting we decided to raffle this quilt within our membership, with the money ear-marked for future batting and backing fabric for our on-going charity quilts. The size is perfect for a baby, toddler, sofa throw, or a wall hanging.
Here's a close-up:
Carolyn offered to bring tickets to the next meeting (the kind where you keep half of the ticket and hope the winning ticket matches your number). Tickets will be available at our monthly meetings and we will draw the winning ticket at our July pot-luck dinner. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Virginia Quilt Museum Updates

Report from Elsa:

Country School Quilters is responsible for volunteering at the museum on the 5th
Saturday of a month.  April 30, 2016 is our next scheduled day to volunteer.  On that
day, two events are scheduled.  The first is a Breakfast on the Lawn with the Spitzer Art
Gallery, and in the afternoon there is an artist reception in the lower level of the
museum.  Currently no one has signed up for the 30th.  I have started contacting some
of my non-member quilting friends and CSQ members about volunteering that day. 
However, I realized that I have already paid to attend VCU’s Celebration in Smith Mt.
Lake, which is that weekend.

I will be passing around the sign-up sheet at the March meeting.  Please check your
schedule and sign up for a shift (10 AM – 1PM and 1PM – 4 PM).  We will not be
working the front desk.  Our members will be docents (assisting visitors with general
questions, enforcing exhibit gallery rules, etc.). 

Recently, I was told by Kim McCray, the
new director, that photography is now allowed in the museum.

If you checked in at the VQM table at Mid-Atlantic you may have noticed a collection for the "Neff Quilt". There is a special campaign to purchase this quilt and bring it back to Virginia.

Image of the signature on the quilt.

Bring Home the Neff Quilt Campaign
The VQM has the fortunate opportunity to purchase for its collection a unique
1843 quilt made by Elizabeth Neff of Shenandoah County, Virginia.
Genealogical research on Elizabeth is still underway, but her signature on
the quilt (pictured above), leaves no question as to the quiltmaker or her
Virginia roots. This quilt clearly belongs at the Virginia Quilt Museum, but
with a $3,900 price tag, we need your help to bring this quilt home!
In partnership with the Shenandoah Historical Society, the VQM is therefore
happy to announce the kick-off of our Spring “Quilters Who Care” campaign.
By design, this is a grassroots effort, so everyone can have a hand in
bringing home this “quilt that got away!”  Will you help us acquire this rare
piece of 19th century folk art?

Please Help Us! Donation checks may be sent to the VQM by mail at 301
South Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, or go to the museum’s website to donate via PayPal.  I will have an envelope at the
March meeting to pass around if you prefer to donate as a group.
On Sunday at MAQF, we raised $151.00 for the quilt.   Won’t you help bring
this quilt back to Virginia?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

10 Questions - Vicki Brannan

This month we get to meet Vicki Brannan. Vicki has only been a member for a few years but has been very active from the beginning. She recently helped us earn some money off of our old officer quilts be selling one just before Christmas in the Ashland Antique Mall. Now we have more money for backing and batting for our veterans quilts!

1. If you live in Hanover (or the area), how many generations of your family have lived here and how did they come to settle here? If you moved here, where are you from and what brought you here?
I have lived in Hanover County my entire life (50 years).  I am third generation Hanovian. My Great-Grandparents bought a farm in Rockville for my Grandparents in the 1920's and my Grandfather was the Minister in the 30's and early 40's in Louisa and Hanover. They Farmed the land until the mid 1950's.  I have lived in Ashland, Rockville and Glen Allen and graduated from Patrick Henry High School in 1983.  I know live on the old farm my grandparents use to own.
2. When you were young what did you plan to be when you grew up and what happened with those plans?
I didn't have any specific plans, I just knew that I wanted to get a job in the business field.
3. Tell us a little about your family.
I have two younger brothers (5 years and 11 years younger), between them they have 9 children. They range from 24 years to 12 years old. Both my brothers families and my husband and I live on the old farm my grandparents use to live on.  We are far enough away from each other that we often have no idea what each are doing.
4. What are your favorite things to do in the area?
My husband and I love to go to flea markets, estate sales, antiques sales, farmers market.  We also like to go to local parks and drive country side.  We also enjoy fishing trips and often look for different places to try, both fresh and salt water.
5. What’s your favorite meal?
Anything Seafood, especially when near the ocean.
6. What hobbies or activities do you do other than quilting? Where do you do them? How did you get involved with them?
I started Cross-Stitching when I was 16 and learn this from a friend in high school.  I do mostly large items and have a cross stitch from my father made me that I have set up at home.
I also do a little crochet as well as other crafty items.  We also like to go to Large Flea Market events- like the endless yard sale in Tennessee, 301 Yard Sale in North Carolina and 100 mile yard sale in Spotsylvania.
7. What’s your favorite vacation spot? Where do you want to go next?
My Favorite Vacation spot is Myrtle Beach, there are so many different things to do.
We would like to go to Florida or back to Louisiana someday.
8. What saying best describes how you like to live your life?
No matter what happens keep going.
9. Tell us about your sewing space and please give us some photos.
I am in the process of converting one bedroom into a Sewing/Craft Room.  I don't have a photo yet as the room is not complete yet. 
I have to do my sewing at a table in the living room right now.

 10. Show us a photo of the quilt that’s on your bed right now.
I don't have a quilt on my bed at this time.  I usually only use in the summer time and I have not changed to my summer quilts yet.
11. What is your all time favorite quilt and why? Do you have a photo of it?
My Favorite the Amish Quilt I bought in Lancaster PA about 10 years ago.  The Black Roman Strips Quote. I have it hanging in my Living Room. It's in the picture above.
Vicki send along several photos of her beautiful cross-stitch pieces.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Meeting Information

Our program for March is Becky with "On Point Layout".  

Looking ahead April will be Margaret & Ellen with "Prairie Points".  

Julie needs ideas/volunteers for months after May. Have you learned a new technique recently that you are willing to share? Do you know a quilter who might come and do a trunk show? How about another craft that you would like to show and share with us? Every idea is a good idea for programs! If we each committed to do one program we would be covered for at least 3 years.

In other news:

  • Please bring February BOM blocks to the meeting
  • We hope to have an update from Susan on a schedule for delivering veteran's quilts. Bring any that you have finished.
  • Hold any veteran's quilt tops until April, Vicki will not be at the March meeting.
  • Bring any baby-sized quilts that you want to donate to VCU. Peg will get them to Mary Shall.
  • Bring show and tell!
In the last meeting we agreed in supporting 2 charitable organizations this year: Virginia Quilt Museum and WHEAT. I believe we agreed to send each $50. We can collect food or pass envelopes later in the year if we want. We will review organization support at the beginning of each year.

Vicki was asked by the Alzheimer's Association for us to do a local fundraiser (longest day in June) for them and possibly make a quilt. Remembering what we agreed to in the last meeting, Vicki declined but if anyone wants to make something to support their annual November auction let Vicki know and she will put you in touch with the contact.