Saturday, March 5, 2016

Virginia Quilt Museum Updates

Report from Elsa:

Country School Quilters is responsible for volunteering at the museum on the 5th
Saturday of a month.  April 30, 2016 is our next scheduled day to volunteer.  On that
day, two events are scheduled.  The first is a Breakfast on the Lawn with the Spitzer Art
Gallery, and in the afternoon there is an artist reception in the lower level of the
museum.  Currently no one has signed up for the 30th.  I have started contacting some
of my non-member quilting friends and CSQ members about volunteering that day. 
However, I realized that I have already paid to attend VCU’s Celebration in Smith Mt.
Lake, which is that weekend.

I will be passing around the sign-up sheet at the March meeting.  Please check your
schedule and sign up for a shift (10 AM – 1PM and 1PM – 4 PM).  We will not be
working the front desk.  Our members will be docents (assisting visitors with general
questions, enforcing exhibit gallery rules, etc.). 

Recently, I was told by Kim McCray, the
new director, that photography is now allowed in the museum.

If you checked in at the VQM table at Mid-Atlantic you may have noticed a collection for the "Neff Quilt". There is a special campaign to purchase this quilt and bring it back to Virginia.

Image of the signature on the quilt.

Bring Home the Neff Quilt Campaign
The VQM has the fortunate opportunity to purchase for its collection a unique
1843 quilt made by Elizabeth Neff of Shenandoah County, Virginia.
Genealogical research on Elizabeth is still underway, but her signature on
the quilt (pictured above), leaves no question as to the quiltmaker or her
Virginia roots. This quilt clearly belongs at the Virginia Quilt Museum, but
with a $3,900 price tag, we need your help to bring this quilt home!
In partnership with the Shenandoah Historical Society, the VQM is therefore
happy to announce the kick-off of our Spring “Quilters Who Care” campaign.
By design, this is a grassroots effort, so everyone can have a hand in
bringing home this “quilt that got away!”  Will you help us acquire this rare
piece of 19th century folk art?

Please Help Us! Donation checks may be sent to the VQM by mail at 301
South Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, or go to the museum’s website to donate via PayPal.  I will have an envelope at the
March meeting to pass around if you prefer to donate as a group.
On Sunday at MAQF, we raised $151.00 for the quilt.   Won’t you help bring
this quilt back to Virginia?

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