Saturday, October 10, 2015

October Block of the Month

Our block for October is Country Lanes, suggested by Annie who was inspired by this blog.  It's an interesting block and works well with our Union Blues fabric to make quilts for veterans.
We will be making 10" blocks from
kits available at the October meeting.
                                     A - cut 2-1/2" squares (or strip piece, keep reading)
                                     B - cut 2-1/2" x 4-1/2"
      Stitch 1/4" seams with blue/brown/beige/gray thread

Country Lanes - Block Base #1829

10" blocks are easy to make because they can be sewn using 2-1/2" strips.
(Remember this block for future quilts if you like using Jelly Rolls)
I have cut 24 kits for each of you to make a block.
 Each kit contains 1 square for the center and 3 strips.
Sew the dark brown and blue strips together and press to the brown.  
Cut into 2-1/2" segments.

Arrange into 4-patches and sew.
Press seams to either side or press open.

Make four 4-patches
Check the size of your 4-patches before you start putting everything together.
They should measure 4-1/2"  

Cut light fabric strip into 4-1/2" pieces 

Arrange pieces, adding the blue square in the center.
 Sew into rows and sew rows together.
Follow example placing the brown to the center
Block should measure 10-1/2"
They will be set on-point with setting blocks and a border.
Please return your block at the next meeting.
Finished quilts could look something like this.
Note: For those making a "ROW by ROW" quilt,
adjust the size to what works best for you.

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  1. Hope you don't mind if I follow you. I am a confident beginner and I do not have block base. Any patterns you may have on your blog I would love! Thank you for this one!