Sunday, January 17, 2016

Country Lanes

Yesterday it was 56 and today we have snow - not much, but it is beautiful. I added that arrow to show my daffodils which are up about 4-5" and full of buds. This weather must be very confusing to them. The snow seems to be picking up - bigger flakes and heavier!
A snowy day is a good day to bind quilts.
Our October block of the month was a pattern named Country Lanes, suggested by Annie - you can see it here. 
Annie also made a veteran quilt with Country Lanes which Vicki recently quilted along with several other quilts and posted pictures here on our blog.
Country Lanes is BlockBase 1829 and can be made any size. Annie's blocks are 7" and set on point with borders to make a veteran size quilt. Detail photo shows the swirly quilting design stitched with variegated gold thread. The quilt is finished, including a label and now I'm moving on to the next quilt that needs a binding.
Happy sewing!

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