Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sewing Friday and Saturday

Posted by Becky

This is our seventh consecutive day of rain - not the norm for us here in Virginia. Even though it was wet we had lots of people come for two productive days of sewing together. Many were working on quilts for veterans and Vicki stopped by both days to pick-up and drop-off quilts after she and Willie (her long-arm) had finished them.

She also told us she had ordered 50 yards of wide backing for CSQ, (GREAT price) some of which she will be dyeing for us by using left-over dyes at the end of her dyeing sessions. Pretty cool, huh? - that future donation quilts will have such special backs!

Mary came on Friday will her supplies in a clever bag made from sewing together the bottom of a T-shirt and cutting out the sleeves for handles.  The T-Shirt/Bag said:

"My husband said if I don't stop quilting,
he's gonna leave me. . .God, I'm gonna miss him!

Thanks, Miriam for taking the picture. I didn't get any other pictures, but we should have lots to show & tell at our November meeting.

Those who came to sew or stopped in to visit included: Julie, Nancy, Michal, Betsy, Miriam, Linda, Sandy, Karen, Mary, Elsa, Carolyn, Vicki, Kitty and Becky.

Okay, I'm getting tired of these cloudy, wet days with it getting dark so much earlier. I think we all ready for some sunny and beautiful warm fall days.

Happy sewing, everyone!

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