Saturday, October 5, 2013

Montpelier Exhibit September 2013

Our exhibit at the Montpelier Center is a fond memory.  Here are pictures of the exhibit.

On Labor Day, September 2, 2013, many members helped hang the exhibit.  Estelle P. had received the entry forms, and had a plan for where the entries would be hung.  The process of measurement and hanging began.

Betty B. and Mary S. are on the ladders and Peg S. is holding the quilt to be hung while adjustments are made to make sure the quilt is straight.

Julie V., Betsy S., Becky B., Linda M., and Eileen B. made sure it looked proper.  Estelle P., Carolyn M., Nancy P., Karen A., Carol C. and Elsa B. were there to assist, too.

Vicki W. Symmetry series are shown below.







                                                              Civil War Prints by Linda M.

                                                          CSQ Mystery Quilt by Elsa B.

                                                                 Sudoku by Karen A.

                                                              Storm at Sea by Carol C.

                                                              Passages by Estelle P.

                                                              Medallion by Carol C.

                                                              Diamond Log Cabin by Mary K.

These quilts were on the first wall as you walk into the Montpelier Center using the Library door entrance.  More to come in next post.



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