Sunday, October 6, 2013

Montpelier Exhibit Continued

Included in the exhibit is the fish quilt which the group made many years ago.  I did a fish, but I'm not sure which one I did.  Vicki W. quilted and embellished the quilt.  We plan to donate it to a non-profit organization which can put it on display. The quilt measures 83" by 65".

                                                                 CSQ Fish Quilt

Nancy P. traveled to Alaska and made the following quilt with fabrics that she purchased during her travels.  It also includes many photo taken during the trip.

                                                            Alaska by Nancy P.


                                                              Flying Geese by Betsy S.

                                                            Migration by Carol C.

                                                         Chenille Diamond by Mary K.

Forty folks signed the "guest" book.  All had positive comments, however, I especially liked the one comment.  "I love the fish quilt.  They are truly passion from the heart."

I know that more folks saw the exhibit.  The first weekend in September, the "Gospel Chicken" house was at the center.  Mystery Bingo was held on September 27.  There was a large wedding on September 28, and a bridal shower on September 29. 


  1. Elsa, thank you for documenting our exhibit! Also many thanks to you and Estelle for making it all happen.

  2. Thanks to everyone for all that went into making our month long quilt exhibit "Quilts in the Village" a success.