Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Montpelier Exhibit Continued

This will be the final post for the remainder of the quilts on display at the Montpelier Center during September 2013.

Batik Fish on the Waves by Kitty B.

                                     Illuminated Blocks by Vicki W.

                                        Cambridge Star by Eileen B.

                                             Sunflowers by Cathy W.

                                   Nine Patch Veteran's Quilt by CSQ Members

                                    Fish Bones by Betsy S.

                                 Blue Jean Quilt by Mary K.

                            Monet's Water Lilies by Elsa B.

                                 Family Tree by Estelle P.

                             "Second Sunday" Quilt by Betty B.

                             Top:  Necktie Medallion by Linda M.
                             Bottom:  Snowball by Linda M.

                                          Convergence by Elsa B.

                            Tropical Flower by Linda M.

                                  The Patriot (Veterans Quilt) by Vicki W.

                                Veterans Choice  (Veterans Quilt) by Estelle P.

                                       Veterans Choice (Veteran's Quilt) by Becky B.

                                      Veteran's Choice (Veteran's Quilt) by Karen A.

                              Veteran's Choice (Veteran's Quilt) by Becky B.

On Sunday, September 29th, many members (including two husbands) arrived around 5 PM to take the exhibit down.  By 5:15 PM, all the quilts were down, and sorted by members' name.  The show came down to quickly, I didn't get any pictures!

Thanks to everyone who helped organize; hang the exhibit; share their wonderful quilts; and take the exhibit down. 



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