Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mini Waste Basket

by Becky

I switched from powdered dishwashing detergent to the single packets. I'm happy using the packets because there is a noticeable difference in the shine of my glasses and they are more convenient to use. When I finished a container I didn't put it into my recycling bin; but instead, I put it in my sewing room by turning a perfectly good container into a little waste basket.

From this
To this:
It's about 7" tall and just a perfect size for sitting on the table next to the sewing machine or having at the ironing board for all those little strings and snippets that I always have.
It took no time at all to make. Here's what I did.
1. Remove the Cascade label from both sides. I did this with a hot hair dryer, just start at one corner and it peels away leaving a sticky surface.
2. Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the label and press it onto the sticky surface. I cut the fabric with my pinking rotary cutter, but that is not necessary.
3. Lift the edges and put a little glue under them.
4. Done!
I removed the hinged lid, but it could serve a good purpose, depending on what you keep in the container.
These clear containers would fit nicely on a shelf and be useful for storing things - with or without the lids. They are slightly rectangular so you could place them with the clear side facing out to better see the contents.
Place leave a comment with any other ideas.



  1. what a neat idea, it would also be useful for leader/ender pieces by the machine(I use a clear Cinnabon container). It is so fun to re-purpose throwaway items .