Sunday, July 14, 2013

Friday & Saturday Sewing

by Becky

Each month on the second Friday & Saturday we sew together. Nancy's t-shirt says it all:


Julie often spoils us with her baking and brought us “Monster” cookies. They are Chris’ favorite cookie and she brought them to us – how special is that?
Those who came to sew: Estelle, Betsy, Julie, Nancy, Carol and Becky. Others, stopped by to visit, including Carolyn, Mary, Karen, Vicki, Kitty and Betty. I hope I didn’t forget someone! Sewing and visiting is always fun. Mark your calendar for August 9-10 to sew or visit.

Now let’s see some quilts:
Carol made this beautiful double wedding ring for her granddaughter and just got it back from the long-arm quilter. The quilting is white thread on top, black thread on white back with perfect tension. This will be a cherished quilt.
Our June pattern was an "I Spy" block and Carolyn is piecing a quilt for a female Veteran.
Here are the top 5 rows:
Carolyn and Carol sorted blocks and Carol had enough blocks for two child size quilts that will be given to the "Safe House" in Ashland.
and with the remaining blocks made this cute little baby quilt
I got the binding and label sewn onto another quilt for a veteran.
This 9-patch set with an hour glass was our May pattern of the month. The theme was "Hot Summer Garden" and each and every block looks so good! I used all the 6" blocks to make this 48" x 66" - a veteran quilt with not one block too few or too many! Thanks, everyone. Notice our flannel design wall - it is in constant use while we are sewing - easy to put up, comes in various sizes and I would highly recommend it for anyone. When we are done, the whole thing fits in a small bag.  
Betsy and Nancy left their sewing machines at home and stitched on their paper foundation hexagons.
Nancy is using civil war era reproduction fabrics - I don't know what size papers she's using but they are small. - see needle for scale.
Betsy really stepped up to our fabric challenge by hand-piecing this quilt, which will also be in our September quilt show at The Montpelier Center for the Arts. In a few days she will have completed the lower corners and have it machine quilted. She chose the blue challenge fabrics and the red really makes it come alive.
Vicki came by to visit and drop off these two quilts (another pattern of the month). We had enough blocks for two veteran quilts and after they were pieced last month, Vicki took them home to put them on "Willie" her long-arm quilting machine.
One quilt has an all-over curvy design and the other one has straight lines.

For two days, Julie kept her foot to the pedal and by late Saturday afternoon her beautiful quilt top was finished. Julie chose the gold/green fabrics for her challenge and made it for a veteran.
This will also be in our September Quilt Show.
Here's her fabric palette showing all the fabrics she considered when planning her quilt.
Julie's finished quilt top:
and a close-up
I'm still a bit nervous about posting - but with time, it will get easier.
I encourage others to post - it will be a great way to have a Show & Tell, ask a question, etc.
Enjoy your sewing and please come sew with us next month.


  1. A great weekend was had by all including Friday night quilt bingo.


  2. What fun. I really missed being there this weekend. I've got to get one of those shirts!

  3. what a beautifully productive time! Wish I could have been there. The quilts all are beautiful, and the tee shirt is a winner for sure.