Wednesday, July 24, 2013

August Donation Block

We had a great response to the monthly donation block for last month. You can see them all in the Saturday and Sunday Sewing post. The block for the August meeting is just as simple.

This block comes from Karen A. and uses 30's repro fabrics. If you have a jelly roll of these fabrics then these blocks will take no time at all. I haven't used my 30's fabrics in a long time so it was fun to dig into the stash to make these. If you missed getting the instructions at the July meeting you can download them here.


  1. This is another good way to put it together too, uses a lot of smallish pieces this way! On my blocks the 4 outside pieces ( top, bottom & sides) were all the same fabrics, with only the center strip different- either muslin or another 30's print. Seems there's a lot of options with this pattern! :>)

  2. Are we supposed to make these scrappy, or with the four outside pieces all the same?

  3. Peg, the picture shows scrappy but the instructions we
    re all one color except the middle solid.