Wednesday, January 14, 2015

UFO Busting

Vicki here. I'm sorry I missed the meeting last night. I was off learning how to do letterpress printing. So far I can tell you that it's a great field for dyslexics. You really have to turn your brain backwards. Needless to say I had to set mine twice.

Had I been at the meeting I would have been encouraging you to take on the UFO challenge for this year! I think Julie had a great handout for dealing with UFO project and I'm going to up the ante with prizes. I'll draw a winner from everyone who posts a comment on the UFO post each month.

I hope you will consider participating and you will have the bonus satisfaction of finishing some projects!

To join the UFO busting go to this post and enter a comment telling us how many UFO projects you have and how old the oldest one is. So far the UFO count is up to 79 from 4 people!

It turns out that there is one member who is not qualified to enter the UFO contest. At Friday sewing Karen told us that she had 2 UFO projects but on further inspection we learned that they were both started in the past 2 weeks! KAREN HAS NO UFO PROJECTS!!! How does that happen?

Karen, I have a couple of baby quilt UFO projects if you want them. I found them recently and didn't even count them in my own count.

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