Saturday, January 10, 2015

Friday Sewing

Here are a few pictures from Friday sewing. 

A quilt for a veteran by Betsy

Baby quilt by Betsy
Julie finished the binding on a quilt that CSQ made to donate to Quilt Bingo
 - a Cancer Fundraiser at the Montpelier Center.
Miriam made good progress on her red stars
Nancy and Julie sat across from each other piecing their hexies.
They are both making "Handful of Scraps" a BOM by Edyta Sitar.
(they are using different fabrics)
Vicki ironed/starched 25 yards of fabric
Miriam brought her GO! cutter for us to use on Saturday which we put to use cutting fabric for kits for the January BOM. We had an assembly line going with Karen cutting, Sandy and Becky prepping fabric, and Jenny counting and putting it into zip lock bags. It was a lot of fun! I forgot my camera, but Julie brought hers and we'll post more pictures soon. 

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  1. I missed being there Saturday! I bet it was a lot quieter. :-D