Friday, January 9, 2015

How to Clean an Iron

Today at Friday Sewing Vicki spent the entire day ironing about 25 yards of fabric, some of which is for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. With all her fabric starched she will be ready to start cutting and sewing! She starches her fabric with her homemade starch and used a lot of starch today - about 75 ounces which after a while builds up on her iron and makes a big burned on mess which looked like this:

She cleaned the iron over the sink with water and a Magic Eraser and in no time at all it looked like this:
The nice thing about sewing together for two days is that we can leave our stuff overnight. We'll return in the morning for Saturday Sewing. I'll post more pictures late Saturday.
Happy sewing.


  1. Magic Eraser? What on earth is that? Does it involve any incantation? I'd really like to know what can be used to clean off that gunk! thanks - Annie

    1. Annie, you can buy them in the cleaning supply section at the grocery store. Mr. Clean is just one brand - store brands work fine, too.

      Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser®
      "Magically "erase" tough dirt, grime and scuff marks.
      No scouring or scratching.
      Moisten with water, no harsh chemicals."