Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Are you interested in a UFO Challenge for 2015?

I'm coordinating a UFO Busting effort on my blog this year and thought it might be fun to have one just for CSQ members. Is anyone interested is doing that?

It would be a fun way to encourage each other to finish (or get rid of) some projects and clear a little space for even more new projects. I'm not proposing anything fancy just a little bookkeeping as we go through the year.

Here's how it would work. This week we all count up all of the projects we have in process. It could be quilting projects, embroidery projects, knitting projects......whatever you want to count. Post in the comment on this post how many you have. Each month I'll put up a post where you can identify how many you've completed and how many you started for that month. I'll keep a running tally and we'll see how we do at the end of the year.

For myself, I have 31 UFOs (all quilted items) as of today. I believe my oldest one is a Cathedral Window quilt from about 2000. I'd really love to get that one done this year.

How about you? How many projects do you have (and you can categorize them if you want) and what's the oldest one?


  1. I'm in! My current count is 13 UFOs. That includes an embroidery project, a counted cross stitch project, several knitting projects, and some quilting projects. There may be more that I haven't unearthed in my sewing room. I only counted projects where I've actually started work - I have more where I have all the materials but haven't yet started. I may want to include some of those not-yet-started projects in this year's goals. My oldest project is the embroidery, which is at least 25 years old. I have one quilting project that I've had in work for close to 20 years (and I inherited it!)

  2. I'm in, too! Perhaps this will keep me on track. Some of my UFOs are specific and others are large open-ended projects like evaluating my various fabric and craft collections and paring them down. I estimate about 25 UFOs. I haven't actually inventoried all the possible UFOs so the number may change. My oldest project is a hand-quilting white-on-white wall hanging. I think I started it in the 20th century!

  3. Count me in as well! I have been working on getting my many projects done, now it's time to get to it again. Completing UFO's seems to be a hot topic beginning in the New Year, I have a guideline that was posted from Texas Quiltworks that I will share with everyone at Friday and Saturday sewing, and then again on Tuesday at our meeting.

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I have many, many UFO's or projects that need starting but according to this guideline I am limiting it to 10 for the time being.

  5. 3rd times a charm in trying to post. I have 8 UFO projects. 5 quilts that are started, 1 crocheting baby blanket, 1 stuffed animal and 1 toddler dress size 2. The dress is my oldest project, because the niece it was meant for is now going to be 22 years old.

  6. I finished my first one! Yeah, I hope I can keep this going. Not sure how to post a picture of it though.