Friday, April 18, 2014

The infamous fish quilt at the library

At the last meeting Estelle told us about the fish quilt hanging in the Ashland Library. She stopped by to get this photo so we can all see how perfect it is for their space.

For new members, here's the back story:

MANY years ago (about 12 - 14) we had a series of programs on methods of applique. It was coordinated by then-member Joyce Hartley (owner of Quilting Adventures). We had 3 programs to learn 3 different hand applique methods. We were give some background pieces and fish applique shapes so we could practice on our own. I don't remember the other 2 teachers for sure but I think Dot Holloway was one of them. We turned in the blocks and someone pieced this top.

I (Vicki) had just gotten the very first Handiquilter frame and volunteered to quilt it. I actually quilted about a third of it and hated it. I took out all of the stitching and realized that I was overwhelmed by the project. I felt it needed custom quilting and I wasn't capable of doing it.

So it sat. For years.

Every time someone asked about it (which wasn't very often) I volunteered to give them the quilt to quilt but now one would take me up on it.

Finally last summer I decided to put it on the frame and finish it. I quilted the devil out of it and had fun doing it. I wrote about it and have several photos of the quilting here. What a relief it was to have that one done! Becky put on the binding and Estelle added the sleeve and found it's ultimate home in the library. We hear that the library staff is thrilled to have it. You can see from the colors on the room that it's a perfect fit.

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