Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Prayer Flag resources

Our program Tuesday night was about 2 projects:

The first was to make coasters to give out at our blood drive in May. The coaster can be bade using any technique but should have a heart theme. Bring them to the May meeting to give to Carolyn Mills.

Here are some coaster tutorials. Several will lend themselves well to heart themes.

The second project is prayer flags for 2 of our members. These are due to Vicki by April 22. Vicki will assemble them and deliver them. Here are some links for inspiration:

Pinterest ideas
The Prayer Flag Project

To make our flags cut the base fabric about 9" long and 5 - 7" wide......more or less. The top edge will be folded down 1 inch when I sew it to the twill tape for hanging. Don't stitch in a sleeve. You can mail them to me or drop them by the house. Leave a comment here if you need Vicki's address or more info about the themes of the projects. I'll send you an email with the information.

I've got 36 yards of twill tape for 2 prayer flag banners, let's fill them up!

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