Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 Veteran's Quilts, 5 & 6

In the meeting last week we had a guest from the Ashland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (ANRC). Karen had met Bonnie Sikes, the administrator, several months ago and they were interested in seeing if we would "adopt" the veterans in their center for our veteran's quilt project. One of the staff members came to our meeting last week to tell us about their veterans.

ANRC has veterans referred to them from McGuire Medical Center where we have been donating our quilts. ANRC has 15 beds earmarked for veterans. About half of their patients are long-term and half are there for an average of 45 days for rehab. She estimated that they may have a total of 50 veterans each year. Coincidentally that's about how many quilts we make in a year!

ANRC also invited us to visit the veterans any time. Many of them have no family or visitors.

After discussion we voted and unanimously decided to switch our support to ANRC. There are several benefits to doing this including focusing our efforts in our local community. We would also be able to deliver quilts throughout the year. At McGuire we are only allowed to deliver once a year near Christmas and there were some issues with the process last year. Moving our support to ANRC seems to solve any problems that we had.

We will also have more flexibility on size. We can make quilts as small as 48 x 48 and probably as large as 50ish x 65ish.

At the next meeting we will discuss how we want to schedule and do our deliveries.

Meanwhile here are 2 more quilts quilted for the cause. As you are planning other quilts please keep in mind that the optimal sizes for me to quilt for you are no larger than 50" wide and no longer than 65". If you make something larger than that I can give you backing and batting for your quilt.

This one was made by Carol.

This one was made from monthly block drive blocks.

In case you are wondering how I pick which quilts to quilt, it's simple. I use wide backing fabric and can quilt 2 quilts on one backing. In this specific case the block drive quilt was larger than normal so it had to be paired up with a quilt that was smaller than normal. After I pair them I quilt whichever quilts go with the backings I have at hand. Simple.

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