Tuesday, March 3, 2015

UFO Busting Update

Oops! I started something and then forgot to do the February post! Thanks to Estelle and Peg for prompting me. From the January post we have Estelle, Peg, Annette and Julie participating in UFO busting this year. Anyone else can join in at any time. Since there are so few of us I'm not going to do a monthly prize but I do have some participation gift ideas.

As of January the total number of UFO's was:
Vicki - 31
Estelle - 25
Julie - stopped counting at 10
Annette - 5
Peg - 13

That gives us a total of 84 and we all seem to have at least one that's over 20 years old.

So check in with a comment and tally how many new projects you started, how many you finished and your current total UFO number.

In 2 months I finished 7 but started 5 so my current UFO count is 29. One of my "finished" projects was actually thrown in the trash and that felt great!

At least I'm under 30 now. I really want to end the year under 20. 

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  1. I think my original count should have been 14. I have 5 UFOs in various stages of work: 2 quilts out for quilting, counted cross stitch in work, a sewing project that is almost done, and a quilt I am piecing. I started and finished one project that was not on my original list - does that count? So I have one thing done and still have 14 UFOs.