Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Time to get backing fabric

Yesterday I did an inventory of out backing fabric for veteran's quilts. I have enough for the quilts I have here and 3 more. I'm pretty sure you have more than 3 ready to go!

What we had before was a combination of one bolt of dark blue print, one of a gold tonal and 2 bolts of fabric to be dyed. Actually it was 4 bolts of fabric to be dyed because I donated 2. I didn't like the quality of fabric to sell to my customers and it was a super bargain so I've been using it for veteran's quilts. So, since whenever we last bought backing fabric we've gone through 6 bolts. I think that's been about 2 years.

Bolts average 15 yards and I get 14 quilts out of that. If I can quilt 40 quilts this year I think we will need at least 2 more bolts of fabric. Here are some of the options I've found:

Thousands of Bolts have a LOT of options in the $10 - $11 range. I haven't bought from them so I don't know if they ever offer sales. But we could probably get a blue and a beige and that would work with most of the quilts that come through.

JoAnn has lots of options and we know that they always have sales. They also have this dyeable muslin that works out to about $8/yard. I have no problem dyeing the backing. It gives me a way to use up older/expired dyes (that are still good) and to better match the tops.

I don't know what our money situation is but let's discuss this at the Apirl meeting.

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  1. Vicki -- I have been buying fabric from Whittles, a family owned and operated business in Kentucky. Same fabric, but prices in the $5 to $7.50 range. Not the selection of larger places, but they have terrific prices and are VERY customer service oriented. Also, lovely people. Annie