Sunday, March 15, 2015

Look what we got yesterday!

I had a fun trip to Lancaster with my Mom. We arrived home yesterday to some fun mail.

One of my blog readers, Pam Avara, has been working on clearing out UFOs and we are the beneficiaries! I thought she was sending me one quilt top, instead we got 5! If you are so inclined please go to her blog and leave a thank you message and then think about which of these you might be willing to bind after I get them quilted. I think this brings my current backlog up to 9 quilts to be quilted.


  1. What fun! I'll bind the middle one.

    Also, I have another top for you, whenever you are ready.

    - Peg

    1. I'll pick up new ones at the April meeting. I won't get through all of what I have before them.......and probably not before May!

  2. There are a bunch of tops ready to be quilted. Lots of sewing on Tuesday night and Saturday produced at least FOUR 4-patch quilt tops. . .and we ran out of time before getting another one sewn together!

  3. Vicki, I will bind one or two.