Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Veteran's quilts 7 & 8

When I post these counts these are only the quilts I've quilted. There are lots more veteran's quilts made. I'm just keeping a count of the ones I quilt for no other reason than it's my nature to keep a tally!

Here are the 7th and 8th quilts for 2015. I think it's pretty easy to guess that Betsy made both of these.

I think you know that I load one wide backing and batting and can quilt 2 quilts. I pair up the quilts so that I don't have to change thread between them. Tan thread was going to work perfect for these 2 quilts. I did a panto on the first one.

Quilting was never going to show on this quilt do I did my wavy crosshatch for some very fast quilting.
I have 8 quilts in waiting and have them paired up for when their turns on FloMo arrive.

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