Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Block of the Month

Karen shared 4-patch quilts at our January Show & Tell. See them here. Karen is quite prolific with making 4-patch blocks and turning them into such great donation quilts. She made all these in a few weeks, and also machine quilted them. They are just the right size to make them do-able on a home sewing machine.  They are great quilts to be given for children in need.

Karen is encouraging us to "get back to basics" - sewing accurate 1/4" seams, and learning how to adjust our machine and our method to do that. 4-patch blocks are so easy to make, so this month we are going Back to Basics and making 4-patch blocks. Notice the S on the word block.

The basic 4-patch block dates back to some of the oldest quilts and is easy to sew and still a very good design element, with many possibilities.

If you are sewing with Leaders and Enders, please consider using your sewing to actually make something:  4-patch blocks, instead of just sewing over strips of fabric - like I had been doing for a long time, even though Karen has been encouraging me to sew something useful!

Leaders & Enders
2-1/2" Charm Squares - light and dark fabrics 
Cut your scraps into 2-1/2" squares and keep them next to your sewing machine.
Sew 2 squares together and when you get a nice little pile of them
you are ready to sew them into 4-patch blocks. 

With very little effort I have 4-patch blocks -
they should measure 4-1/2" - 4" finished size.
Let's all make a bunch and give them to Karen next month.
I know she will put them to good use.


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