Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Veteran's Quilts (1 - 6)

I started quilting veteran's quilts again in January and just realized that I haven't shared any of them on the blog! Here are the first 6 quilts to be quilted for this month. I have 2 more ready to quilt and ready to take more!
This one is from monthly blocks. I practiced some continuous curves on this one. All it needs now is a volunteer binder.
Estelle made this one and it will look familiar. It's the third quilt that she's made with a big bag of parts that a blog reader sent to me.

This is another one made from monthly blocks. Miriam volunteered to bind this one.

Miriam made this pretty one. It really called out for feathers so that's what I gave it.

More monthly blocks and this one also needs binding.

I needed to get these last 2 done quickly so I quilted some springs on a straight line. It was fun to quilt and only took an hour to quilt the whole quilt.
Becky had some leftover blocks but not enough for a whole quilt. The solution was to set them with some black rectangles. I might like this one netter than the "original". It's also begging for a binder!

More embellished straight lines on this one. These quilts are going to be extra cuddly because I didn't get carried away with the quilt as I tend to do.
Next up are quilts made by Betsy and Peg.

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  1. They all looked great! Nice quilting brings them to life.