Thursday, June 20, 2013

Veteran's Mystery Quilt - Clue 2

If you survive clue 2 then I know that you will make it through the whole quilt! This clue isn't difficult, there's just a lot of it. Don't sweat it. You have a month so take your time and do it in bits.

Clue 2 is really simple. You are going to make a lot of half square triangle blocks. Each block will finish at 2”.

You are going to make 64 blocks in each of these color combinations:

Fabric  1 with Fabric 4

 Fabric 2 with Fabric 4

Fabric 2 with Fabric 3

You can make these blocks any way you prefer. I like to foundation piece mine using Triangulations. Triangles on a Roll is another great tool for making these blocks. If you use either of these you will need foundations for 2” finished squares.

If you are cutting individual pieces, cut 2 7/8” squares and cut once on the diagonal. You will need 32 squares in fabric 1, 64 squares in fabric 2, 32 squares in fabric 3 and 64 squares in fabric 4; all cut once on the diagonal.

Here’s  a good online video tutorial for 3 methods for making half square triangle blocks. In this video they are making the 2” block that we are also using in this project.

I pressed all of my seams open.

Here are the blocks for my 2 quilts.

Please share your blocks in our Flickr group:

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