Thursday, June 27, 2013

Light Table

Posted by Becky

A few years ago I got rid of my big light table/drafting desk because I just wasn't using it enough to justify the space in my sewing room. I recently started making the applique blocks for the Civil War Bride quilt and couldn't imagine doing all that on a window.

My answer is the redneck light table. I bought a piece of 18" x 24" plexiglass at Lowe's for $10. They have it in various sizes and will even cut it for you. This size was perfect for my blocks that are 13" x 16".

Items needed:
2 folding tables (You could use something else)
Household lamp (I tried several and found this little lamp on a box gave me the perfect light

The table height was very comfortable as I sat here and glued my applique pieces to my background fabric and used the table tops to hold all the stuff I needed. (I cleaned it off for this picture, and the lamp is turned off).

This is Block 2 of the Civil War Bride quilt.
Everything is glue basted and ready for stitching.
I'm using the starch and glue method to make these 20 blocks and finding the process very enjoyable. I'll be happy to do a little workshop in the Fall for anyone that wants to give it a try. Just let me know and we'll set an applique date.
Now that I've got this block ready to stitch I think I'll go back to my machine and work on my Veteran's Mystery Quilt.
 Happy sewing to each of you!


  1. Great idea, Becky. Please do a workshop. I'm in.

  2. This is great! My mother-in-law used to take a leaf out of her dining room table, cover the space with a sheet of glass or heavy plastic, and put a light underneath. Same idea, but she had to take it down for us to eat dinner....I think I like your version better!