Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Sewing

I always look forward to Friday and Saturday sewing. This weekend my Mom (Glenda) is visiting and I made her come with me. Here's what was happening in Montpelier today. We had Kitty, Carolyn, Nancy, Becky, Betsy, Estelle, Glenda and me. Elsa stopped by for a couple of hours to meet with Estelle about our show in September. I didn't get photos of everything that was worked on but here's a bit if eye candy for you.

Becky planned the layout for our May blocks. She has enough for 2 veteran's quilts. She's going to put the tops together and I'll quilt them.

Betsy is basing a veteran's quilt. She will quilt it tomorrow.

Carolyn gave us a sneak peek our June block and showed us her challenge quilt.

Estelle is working on the mystery quilt.

This quilt will be a test for members. If you recognize it you have been with CSQ for at least 12 years! It's a long story that we will explain at the meeting Tuesday. In short, after 12 years I finally got it quilted.

Glenda worked on the June clue for Judy Laquidara's Back to Square One mystery.

Peg finished the binding on her challenge quilt. It's ready for the show!

For me, this weekend is all about binding and today I finished these 2 veteran's quilts. 
The bottom one was a top donated to me by a friend.

We are looking forward to more sewing tomorrow!

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