Friday, April 12, 2013

CSQ Organization Notes

This post documents the beginning of the Country School Quilters after the group has resigned from the Richmond Quilters Guild. We are now simply a club sponsored by Hanover County Parks and Rec. Our first meeting as a "new" club was Tuesday, April 9.

We made the following decisions:

Annual dues will be $15 and we will follow a calendar year with dues payable in January. For the remainder of 2012, dues will be $10

We will have the following positions. All are voluntary and position holders can serve as long as they want. They can give notice at any time if they want step down and we will seek another volunteer for the position.
Facilitator: Peg Shealy
Treasurer: Carol Clark
Programs: Becky Brown, Betsy Scott
History: Kitty Bates
News/Blog: Vicki Welsh

Meetings will continue the second Tuesday 6:30 social/7:00 meeting
We will not use Robert's Rules
We will keep the library and evaluate again in 6 months
We will stop the birthday basket
We will continue door prizes and members are encouraged to donate prizes
We will have refreshments at each meeting and a volunteer sheet was passed around

The next meeting is May 14

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