Thursday, July 2, 2015

Now accepting veteran's quilt tops!

I'm going to start taking veteran's quilt tops again. I set a goal of quilting 40 this year. 20 are done and I have 2 tops at home so that means that I'll take up to 18 tops.

Based on what I've heard I think we have a lot more than 18 tops to be quilted. At the last meeting we agreed on a priority ranking. First, all tops made from monthly blocks (up to 18) will be quilted. The remaining slots will be filled in with member's tops allowing "turns" so that hopefully everyone will get at least one top quilted. So I want to use this post to determine which quilts I will take in July.

If you have any quilts to be quilted please leave a message on this post and tell me how many veteran's tops you have to be quilted and how many of them are made from the monthly blocks. After we get a tally I'll let you know which ones to bring to me at the July meeting.


  1. I have one of mine and five of Carol's. I will probably have a second one done this afternoon. None of them are made with monthly blocks.

    I will not be at the July meeting but could easily bring quilts by your house.

  2. I have 5:

    2 from CSQ monthly Block of the Month
    1 by Betsy
    2 from Ann O.

  3. I have 4 (2 from bom)
    Plus 2 from Ann Ober (mailed to me to give to you for quilting)

  4. Hi Vicki -- I should have one by the end of the month. Let me know if I should mail it to you. Annie

  5. I have one similar to the others I made from the fabrics you gave me from an internet friend. I won't be at the July mtg. but can bring the quilt to youl.

  6. I have no additional quilts other than the one listed by Becky