Monday, July 13, 2015

Accepting these veteran's quilts only

I reviewed the list of veteran's quilts and these are the ones that I will take to work on. If you are not at the July meeting do not worry! I will not be quilting any of these before September. I'll take them any time this fall.

From Becky: 2 CSQ BOM tops
From Karen: 2 CSQ BOM tops
Peg: 2
Carol: 3
Betsy: 1
Ann Ober: 3 (Karen and Becky can to work out which 3 of the ones she sent)
Karen: 2
Annie: 1
Estelle: 1
Judy: 1

They need to be pressed and ready to quilt. I do not press them before quilting. If I receive them wrinkled that's how they get quilted.

That's all for this year! Hopefully I will have them quilted by December but no promises.

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