Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Veteran's Quilt

At the last meeting we discussed the veterans quilts and, I believe, we have found the perfect home for our quilts. We have been asked to adopt an outpatient unit at McGuire. They have many dialysis and chemo patients that do not get the attention of the admitted patients. These patients also get cold during their treatments. The hospital will label the quilts and keep them at the hospital for them to use on every visit. When their treatments are done the patients will get to take the quilts home with them.

We can deliver the quilts at any time and the hospital will take care of distributing them to the patients. We can deliver multiple times a year so that we do not have to store all of the quilts for a year.

To prepare for the first delivery we would like to have all of the completed and labeled quilts brought to the October meeting. We should have 30 or more quilts ready already just based on the ones that I've quilted. What a prolific group!

For inspiration here are more of the ones that I quilted in the last month. These are all out for binding.


  1. Thank you, Vicki, for miles and miles of machine quilting!

  2. Vicki, I read your comment on Wanda's blog, strip scraps used in archery targets? this fascinates me, as a previous pistol shooter, I thought all targets would be card, I was totally amazed at how Wanda makes use of every little piece, for dog bed fillers, great idea too. Cheers, Jean.