Thursday, September 25, 2014

Two More Quilts for Veterans

Annie is our west coast CSQ member and a very active participant in giving quilts to our veterans. Annie mailed 2 quilts earlier this month and there was a delay in their arrival which had Annie and I both a bit nervous, especially when the tracking number showed no progress for nearly a week. She put in an inquiry at her post office in Vashon Island, WA, and the internal tracking by the USPS showed the box was in Maryland (for a week?).  Finally, it arrived and we were so relieved.

The sturdy box looked fine, except for this big hole which tells a story of something causing it to have been delayed. (Perhaps catching on something and falling off the conveyor belt?)

I opened the box and wasn't prepared to see all this gorgeousness!

Two beautiful quilts with RED MINKY on the backs and beautiful quilting.

Quilt #1 is the mystery quilt designed and offered by Vicki - directions can be found
on Vicki's blog. Annie enjoyed piecing this quilt as did many of us - very attractive quilt,
Annie - thanks again, Vicki, for such good directions.

Quilt #2 is another beauty! The center design is made with HST (Half Square Triangles). I'm sure Annie used "Triangulations" - as she's the one who introduced me to this fabulous software and she's a pro at making HST quilts. I should have taken a close-up but it was another cloudy day and the lighting wasn't that great. Wow - and look at her border!  Perhaps Annie can leave a comment telling us more about this quilt pattern. 

Here are pictures of the quilt backs - even though the colors are not correct. 
They are both RED, not that rosy pink color. Just look at the quilting and think Minky softness.
We are all so grateful for our cyber friendships.
Thank you, Annie!!!


  1. Thank heaven for sturdy dog food boxes... Because I buy most of my fabric online, I occasionally "preview" a fabric line by buying a charm pack to see if I like the fabric in person. As a result, I have some accumulation of charm packs. This quilt was made using various unrelated charm packs, except for the border. Actually, the HST's were not made using Triangulations. Instead, this was a quilt made from one of Missouri Star Quilt Company's free online tutorials. Jenny Doan, the tutor, reminds me of a Julia Child of the quilt world. Tutorials are fun to watch even if you don't want the pattern. Here's a link to this one: Oh, and the backing is actually Target fleece blankets - they wear really well, are big and inexpensive. Thanks for the nice compliments, Becky!

  2. These are beautiful! Thank you Annie!

  3. Thanks for the link, Annie. I just watched it - very entertaining and a cool way to use charm packs. Great info about the fleecy quilt backs, too. Happy sewing, and thanks again for being such a friend to CSQ!