Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mary's Prayer Flags

I want to thank everyone who made flags for Mary and Iris' prayer flag banners. We had about 40 flags for each banner! I'm sharing photos of both in two separate posts because there are so many photos.

Today we'll see Mary's. I delivered it to her Monday and the timing was perfect. She and Jon were preparing to leave Thursday for 2 weeks in Paraguay where they will visit where Porter lived and worked. They are going to be helping to finish his last project.
She was very grateful for the the flags and is going to hang them when she gets home. She's very familiar with the prayer flag tradition as she provides support for Tibetan Monks.

Here are the photos of Mary's flags.

To get the photos I hung the banner in a pine tree in my yard. You will see clothes pins where I pinned the tape to the tree. I added loops to the banner tape every 5 flags to help with hanging. It's so long and so heavy that it needed some help. I had to remove buttons from one flag because it was just too heavy. I don't remember who made that banner but it still looks great. Enjoy the show.

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