Thursday, May 8, 2014

2014 Mystery quilt!

In the past few meetings I've been hinting at a new mystery quilt. Well, it's time to kick it off and today I'm announcing the

Allegiance Mystery Quilt

I know that several people wished that last year's mystery had been easier and I think they will be happy with the new mystery. This one is so simple that the clues will come out weekly here on the blog. The mystery will start June 12 and will post every Thursday with the last clue posted on July 3.

If you hate mystery quilts you will be able to wait until July 3 to see the final quilt and then decided if you want to make it.

Today I have the basic information about the fabric requirements so you'll have plenty of time to get your fabrics together. Here are the fabrics that I used for mine.

Get the basic information and fabric requirements here.
The first clue will be posted here June 12.

I discussed in last month's meeting that I might have some quilt kits for this and I will! Elsa donated a bunch of PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric a few months ago and I have used that to dye 4 kits. One is in the colors in this photo, one is woodsy greens and browns, one is green with dark blue and dark orange and the last one is turquoise with bright red and lime green. I'll have these at the meeting next week. I thought we might have a silent auction for them with all proceeds going to the chapter for buying supplies for more veterans quilts......or any other project that we might want to do.


  1. Whee!!! Thanks for doing this Vicki! Last year's quilt had PERFECT directions and was a lot of fun. I'm gathering my fabrics for this one today.
    Annie on Vashon Island

  2. I'm excited about this! Like Annie, I'll be collecting fabrics today. I'm thinking scrappy....