Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Donate Blood in Iris' Honor

Since I don’t know most of you and didn’t want to overstep my role as your “cyber member,” I asked Becky to pass along a comment from Deb Jacobs’ latest report on Iris’s treatment.  She suggested that I write it up – so here goes.

Deb and I “met” each other when she did a spectacular job quilting the first Veterans’ quilt I sent.  Our email exchanges soon revealed that we not only shared a love of quilting, but we both had goats!  Kindred (possibly that should be “Kid-red”) spirits; I liked her immediately and was overwhelmed with her quilting.

One of the frustrations of being 3,000 miles away is that unlike you, I can’t deliver meals for the family, offer to clean the barn, etc.  It’s frustrating because I want to do something.  We all do.  Curative casseroles may not physically heal Iris, but they express support and love.

Today Deb mentioned that Iris will need blood transfusions and she asked us to consider donating blood.  While our blood is not going to Iris, it IS going to another person whose life depends on it.  Becky’s email to me stated a very stark fact – our one pint of blood can actually save a life.

I’m going to ask friends on this side of the country to join me and follow Deb’s request and donate blood in Iris’ honor.  If you’ve given blood before you know it’s painless (these people are good), safe, and pretty fast.  Where else can you do something so important and have someone encourage you to eat cookies and juice afterward? 

Will you join me and help another Iris?  http://www.vablood.org/contact-us/donor-centers/ 
Thank you.  Annie

Read Deb's updates here.

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