Thursday, January 2, 2014

About the free fabric

Got your attention?

Estelle asked me to post the following:

Dear Members,
During our December meeting, Mary Ann from Parks and Rec, announced that she had access to lots of fabric someone purchased at a storage auction.  I volunteered to check it out.  What I found was a huge number of plastic garbage bags filled with all types of fabric.  It includes good quality garment, drapery, upholstery, fake fur fabrics, and a smaller amount of quilting cotton. I think the owner must have had a sewing business.  I sorted through all the bags as they were not separated by type.  Mary Ann has another person who's group makes tote bags for a cause so I left a portion of the heavier weight fabric there for her.  I sorted through the rest and separated anything I thought might be useful for charity quilts.  There are also boxes of unused patterns.  There are multiple copies of most and they include clothing (adult and children), home dec., doll clothes, dog clothes, stuffed toys, purses, etc.  They appear to be from the past ten years or so.
Some of the heavier fabrics would be great for bags and there are some fairly large pieces for bigger projects.  The fake fur would be great for costumes or stuffed toys  If you would like to look at the dress and home dec fabrics please let me know and I will bring the fabrics to the January meeting.  If you can't use any perhaps you have friends that sew or belong to other groups that could use the fabric and patterns. 
I will bring everything I have put aside for quilts.  I will also bring the boxes of patterns to the next meeting.
Please let me know if you have an interest in the garment and/or home dec fabrics. I have about 16 heavy bags of it and I don't want to bring them unless there is some interest.


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