Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Marcy's idea of starting a Challenge Group is an opportunity to try something new - a new technique or a way of doing something out of your norm. There are NO RULES, you can make anything you like, any size you like. We welcome others to join in at any time. We hope to have our Alphabet Character Challenges completed by our September Show & Tell. At that time a new challenge will be issued.

While my sister-in-law, Heidi, was here last month I was telling her about our Challenge Project (I think she's already a follower of our blog). Heidi's a recently retired middle school art teacher and she has joined our challenge. I took her to the Montpelier Center to see the art display and we went next door for her to draw from the hat. She drew the letter O and it didn't take her long to decide what to do.

We played in my sewing room one day - showing her my applique method of using freezer paper, starch and glue to create. What a joy it was when she sent me the picture of her drawing along with all her freezer paper templates.  Heidi said "I  traced my drawing onto plastic using a marker school teachers use for smart/white boards so it will wipe off with water or a magic eraser sponge. Then I traced the pieces backwards onto freezer paper with pencil. Just wanted to show you the owl! Patterns are in a ziploc, wings are too big. I'll use a plastic box."


Heidi's Owl with Fox drawing

Pictures of our first Challenge Quilts are Here on our Flickr Site as the first 4 pictures in our May Show & Tell. Thank you, Margaret for adding pictures every month of our Show & Tell.  She also created an album for our Veteran Quilts. 
See the "Our Links" in the right column of our Blog - then click on Our Flickr Site for a great little quilt show! 


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