Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nov. 15 Meeting

Does everyone have their calendar marked for our meeting on Nov. 15?  (Date change, due to election)

The program by Marcy will be
"Consider a Quilt Challenge Group"

From Marcy:

For the past 10 years, I have participated in a quilters’ challenge group. The last 2 years we’ve been doing charity quilts. The numbers of participants has varied from 5 – 7. Organically, the group works like any other group – sometimes it works for people, sometimes not, and we give each other grace a lot of the time! But here’s the thing, I originally asked if I could join the group after seeing 1 or 2 quilts that they had already produced. What I saw for myself was the possibility of real growth beyond projects I might choose on my own. Also, the closest anyone in the group lived was approximately 2 hours away, a “safe distance” – no one would see me fumble around, while I “tried on” different ideas! Depending on your desire to try something new, get out of a rut, or wake yourself up with a deadline, a challenge group can really help and provide so much more in the way of inspiration and friendships!!!!

Marcy will be sharing a lot of ideas and quilts.

Please bring quilts you have made with a Quilt Challenge Group (Round Robin style, etc.) to inspire and encourage others.


  1. Hi Marcy and Becky -- I'm not familiar with the challenge quilt idea. Can you fill in some details? Do we each make a quilt based on a particular "challenge" or what? If Marcy lives 2 hours away, I live 6 (by plane) - so this sounds as if it's something that can be done long distance, right? thanks! Annie on Vashon Island

  2. Thanks, everyone, for your participation in our "Challenge Group" program last evening. I would like to propose a challenge as follow up: Think of a challenge that you want to do, and with our new year around the corner, we can explore them in groups. Remember, there's no limit to the beautiful quilts we can create! Feel free to call or email me your ideas. I really look forward to sharing our progress together!