Friday, August 5, 2016

August Meeting Notes

August is a quiet month with few announcements. That's probably a good thing since we are all just trying to wade through the heat and humidity. But the meeting room is always cool and there's a fun program on tap for Tuesday night.

Margaret Griffiths is going to host toe program on using Intense pencils to color quilts. She's bringing all the supplies except that you might bring a medium stiffness small paint brush for the textile medium. If you have some extras bring them to share with those who don't have paint brushes.

Quilt Show Entries are Due AT the meeting! You should have received and email reminder from Carol as well. Estelle must have all quilt show entries no later than the meeting. She will not be able to accept any after Tuesday because she will be busy planning the exhibit space.

October is our Trash To Treasure sale so start collecting things that you want to offer up for sale!

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