Thursday, June 30, 2016


NEIGHBORS is the name of another quilt top Annie has made for our veterans. She is our cyber friend and a member of Country School Quilts. Annie jumped right in making quilts for our veterans and I've lost track of the many, many veteran quilts she's made since 2011. Thank you, Annie!

NEIGHBORS 48" x 60"
A quilt for a veteran
by Annie Miksch

She sent this message along with the quilt top:

"This one was made from leftovers of a Miniature Gatherings fat quarter pack and is a bit subdued in color, but appropriate for a guy.  Pattern is from a free pattern called “Neighbors,” part of the Moda pattern of the week:   I modified it to fit our sizing.  I think it would be dramatic made as a two-color solid quilt.
There are some nice, simple patterns among this group, and I think others might enjoy them.  Was amazed at how fast this one went together.  I cut a light and a dark F/Q together, stacked Right Side Up, just using the directions for the fat quarters, since they are mirror images of each other.  The pattern assumes the same background fabric throughout."   
Some of you may remember me saying I think it would be fun to make a raffle quilt for W.H.E.A.T. (Western Hanover Emergency Action Team) based on a house design. If you are interested in doing so, please leave a comment.
Thanks again, Annie for the quilt and the link!
Happy sewing
to our
West Coast Neighbor
from your East Coast quilting friends.

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  1. You just never know what will end up on this blog... Becky, if you figure out a way that I can participate in a raffle quilt for WHEAT, count me in. Thanks! Annie