Wednesday, May 11, 2016

MAY Block of the Month

CSQ MAY - Block of the month
I think you were all surprised that our May block of the month is a fabric kit of three fabrics with no pattern! The fat quarters you have are the last of the Union Blues fabric by Barbara Brackman. We have made countless quilts out of that line of fabric and this will be our last. All of the quilts are given to veterans at the V.A. Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

Make your block anyway you like - your choice of pattern and you may want to add other fabrics to those in your kit. The finished size (sewn together) will be 12", so your block should measure 12 1/2" square. If you want to make your block smaller than 12", that's fine, just frame it with Union Blues fabrics to make it 12 1/2". Your block can be applique, pieced, pictorial, etc., there are no restrictions. You may want to make your favorite block - if it's possible to have just one favorite!

HEXATHON - Block of the week - (see links below)
At the meeting I mentioned that Barbara Brackman has started a new Block of the WEEK! It's a HEXATHON, instead of running 26 miles, we are sewing 26 blocks, and learning about William Morris in England. I invite you to come along with us as we tour England and sew blocks each week.

The blog just started May 7, so now is a good time to read along or sew along.
A new block and lesson will be offered every Saturday for 26 weeks.

Here's the link to the introduction:

and here is the first block:

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  1. Thank you so much Becky, to give us some measures because I definitely didn't arrived to print the BB's block !
    Or maybe i'm not gifted ! :)